7 Must Know Tips On How to Care For Your Pregnant Cat

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If you take in a stray pregnant cat or one of your cats becomes pregnant, there are some things you should know about caring for your cat and the unborn kittens. Below are some must know tips on how to care for your pregnant cat, to ensure both she and her kittens stay healthy and safe during her pregnancy.

How to Care For Your Pregnant Cat

Do You Know How to Care for Your Pregnant Cat?

I know when I was pregnant it took a toll on my body, and I am sure cats go through similar aches and pains. It is so important to take care of your cat to ensure she gets the nutrition she needs for her kittens and herself, keeping her warm or cool depending on the weather, and just keeping an eye on her. Pregnancy isn’t always planned, and if your cat spends time outside she could have gotten pregnant by a stray.

A Few Facts About Pregnancy in Cats 

  • The gestational period of a cat can be around 63-65 days.
  • Cats do mate with their siblings or parents, it is a good idea to get them spayed or neutered.
  • A cat can come into heat anywhere from 6-8 weeks after they give birth. Generally, once their milk dries up.
  • Cats can become pregnant at 4 months of age if they are mated.

Early Signs of Pregnancy in Cats

  • Pinker nipples and they begin to get fuller
  • Weight gain
  • Increased Appetite
  • Change in Behavior
  • Morning Sickness

Simple Tips On How to Care for Your Pregnant Cat


How to Care For Your Pregnant Cat


Make sure your cat is getting enough calcium and protein in her diet. Look at your cat food label. She needs to have a lot of nutrients to produce enough milk for her nursing kittens and help give the unborn kittens the nutrients they need to grow healthy. You can also find vitamin supplements to give your cat during her pregnancy.  Also make sure she never runs out of the water, as she needs to stay hydrated. If you are unsure of what a good food is, reach out to your veterinary clinic for guidance.


When your cat becomes pregnant, just like women, her hormones change and she will become more affectionate. Make sure to give her a lot of attention and pet her gently, but try to avoid her tummy as it can be sensitive to the touch. She needs a lot of love so make sure to give her the attention she is asking for. If you go to pick your cat up, make sure pick her up from her bottom, not her belly, as that could hurt her.

Comfy Sleeping Area 

Make sure to put down old towels, rags or other items that you are okay to toss after she gives birth. Let her get used to the items leading up to her birth. That way she is nice and comfortable and can relax while she is pregnant.

Vet Contact Information 

Make sure to keep the phone number to the nearest emergency veterinary clinic on hand. This is in case there are complications when she begins labor.

Keep Other Cats Away 

If possible, make sure your pregnant kitty has her own space. Some cats really like to distance themselves from other cats while they are pregnant, even if it is a cat that they are around all the time.

 Keep Your Cat Indoors 

If possible, keep your cat indoors throughout her pregnancy. If she isn’t an indoor cat, then make sure to have a safe place for her outdoors. Other male cats that are not the father and predators can try to harm the kittens after they are born. It can be pretty unsafe.


Make sure to talk to your vet before you give any medication to your cat. Generally, no medications should be given during pregnancy as they can harm the unborn kittens.

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  • I am a Great Grandmother to 8 wonderful Great Grand Kids. We had a semi-tame feral for 20 years. And currently have two ferals for 5 and 3 years. Suddenly, around February 18, 2018, the ‘calico’ became ultra friendly and obviously pregnant. So I decided on the timing to coral her and get her caged. I walked out with a large dog cage and a bowl of food — all ready to get her comfortable there. Well, she just walked into the cage and started eating. So I closed the door and brought the cage into my office. She is happy locked in the cage, when I am not in the room. She is happier out of the cage and sitting on my keyboard. She is now clean and ready. No kittens yet! Thank you for your great post. I found it searching google images.

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