How to Decide On The Perfect Cat For Your Family

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Having a family full of cat lovers is a great thing, but can often lead to many discussions about what cat is the perfect cat for your family. Is there ever such a thing as finding that one “perfect” cat? After all…aren’t all cats perfect? If your family has different wants when it comes to getting a family cat, you aren’t alone in that. There are so many families out there that haven’t decided on a cat because they can’t seem to agree on which one to choose. If your family is in that category, here are some simple tips on how to find the perfect cat for your family.

how to find the perfect cat for your family

How to Decide On The Perfect Cat For Your Family

Finding the perfect cat can, and will happen!

  • Decide what sex of cat your family wants.

Do you want a girl or a boy cat in your house? Research and read up on the behaviors of both to see which one fits better with your lifestyle.

  • Talk about the responsibilities associated with owning a kitten. 

Kittens are adorable, but they are a lot of work as well! Depending on how old the kittens are, you and your family may have to litter box train them and teach them other skills that they need to know.

If your family is wanting a kitten, that’s great but just be prepared to have a little bit more work involved in raising one!

  • Converse about the longevity of a cat when adopting. 

Basically, this is the conversation to have if you’re considered adopting an older cat. While no one knows the lifespan of any animal, an older cat will more than likely have a shorter life in your home than a kitten.

If children are involved in the decision process, this is something to really consider since it will have an effect on them as well.

  • Talk about where your cat’s “home” will be. 

Technically, the cat’s home will be your home, but this is more specific to where the litter box and bed will be for the cat. It should have its own space that it can function to be able to have some alone time and rest time.

Some people have a spare bedroom or bathroom as their place for their cat to live, while others tend to have an entire basement area for them to roam.

  • Define what the perfect cat for your family truly means. 

What does “perfect” mean for you and your family? Are you wanting a cat that plays, that snuggles or that purrs constantly? Or are you looking for a cat that is a bit more independent?

Those are all valid questions to ask yourself and your family before deciding which cat to welcome into your home!

Once you can answer some of these questions and have discussions in your family, you’ll have a much better understanding of what type of family cat you’re looking for.

There are so many adorable cats out there to love and own that you shouldn’t have any issues finding the perfect cat for your family!

What type of cat does your family want?

how to choose the perfect cat for your family

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