How to Tell If Your Cat Is Lonely With These 7 Signs

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Have you ever wondered if your cat is lonely? Cats like to stick to themselves a lot, but they still require adequate amounts of affection and love. I am going to share how to tell if your cat is lonely with the signs listed below.

How to Tell if Your Cat is Lonely by Seeing These Signs

Although cats aren’t “pack” animals they still have that need for interaction, play time and affection. It is common for cats to develop behavior changes after being alone for an extended amount of time. Cats, just like humans, crave stimulation, and sometimes the only way they get that is from their owner!

Litter Box Issues

If your cat is going to the bathroom right outside their litter box, this could be a sign they are lonely. Now make sure that you look at your cat as it can also be a health issue, that they can’t hold it long enough from say a urinary tract infection or something along those lines.  If all health issues are ruled out, it could be a sign pointing directly to being lonely.

Destructive Behavior

I know our cats over the years growing up had phases of being horribly destructive. I know some of the hardest years were when all of us girls were in school and my parents were away for the day. We would come home and our house would sometimes have items shredded and tossed all over in our living room! You might find your belongings or furniture being shredded because they are being left alone too long.

How to Tell If Your Cat Is Lonely

Bold Vocal Sounds

Sometimes cats will go to a whole new level and try and tell you they are unhappy with you! They will make really bold vocal sounds over and over trying to gain your attention. If this is the case, make sure to take some time and play with your cat or love on them. Give them the attention they are craving.


If you find your cat has a change in their behavior and they are becoming aggressive towards you, watch out. They might begin to nip or scratch at you as you are heading out the door. Make sure if you are at this stage you try really hard to work with your cat on feeling like they are getting attention. This can turn really bad quick if they continue acting out like this.


If your cat is grooming a little too much it is their way of showing you they need more attention from you and a clear way of how to tell if your cat is lonely. Be aware of any behavior changes. If you see your cat grooming themselves a bit more than usual that is a for sure sign of needing that snuggle time.


If you find your cat is making their mark around your house, this is one of the signs they need that attention and stat. We had one cat, Zac, who really sprayed all over our house when he felt neglected. It was horrible, as you had to search around to find his new favorite spot to clean up.

Ways to Give Them Attention They Need

Make sure that when you are away from home, your cat has options for stimulating themselves. Leave a window curtain open so they can peek outside and watch birds during the day. Have fun cat toys that they can entertain themselves with. Try leaving the television or radio on to see if that helps them feel less alone while you are gone. Then when you get home, make sure to take the time to love on them, and have a fun play time so they get that interaction they need!

how to tell if your cat is lonely

Did you know how to tell if your cat is lonely?

Did you already know these signs or were they a surprise to you?  How do you make sure your cat does not feel lonely?

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