Interesting Facts About Cat Bellies You Might Not Know

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Let’s face it your feline friend has so many exciting and unique facts that may surprise you. Your cat’s tummy is a wonderland. The belly is a sacred place that is also very interesting. Over the years you may have found yourself asking so many questions specifically regarding cat bellies. Does she want me to pet her belly? What are all those bumps? Well, today I am going to answer these questions and a few more so you can understand even more about her and her anatomy.

cat bellies

Learn all you need to know about that precious cat belly and see the unique features it has to offer! I love being able to pet that super soft fur on the belly of a cat, but not everyone gets the chance because cats truly protect their tummies. Learn why below!

Facts All About Cat Bellies

cat bellies

Your Cat Does Have A Belly Button

Technically, all mammals have a belly button because they had an umbilical cord when they were in the womb. Once a kitten is born it is very similar to a baby human. The cord will shrivel up and eventually fall off on its own.  Isn’t that pretty cool? It is surprising to know this because on many cats the belly button is hidden under all their hair.

Flabby Cat Bellies

You might look at your cat and wonder how in the world she has such a flabby belly? Well, there are a couple of fascinating reasons why. When cats fight with each other, their soft bellies help protect their vital organs from getting punctured or scratched. Another reason is that cats love to stretch and move a lot. The pouch of skin allows the cat to extend as far as they want without hurting themselves.

To Pet Or Not To Pet

How often does your cat lay on its back and stretch with his or her overly inviting belly in the air? It is entirely irresistible for you not just reach out and give her tummy a good petting. Surprisingly, when you do pet her stomach, she may go crazy and attempt to claw you! Well, cats do not like there stomachs to be touched. When you feel their stomachs, you are way too close to their vital organs, and they do not like it. So remember the next time you see her showing off her stomach it isn’t an invitation to pet it!

Cat Bellies Have Nipples

Have you ever noticed the number of nipples your cat has? The average number of nipples a cat has is 6; however, they can have anywhere from 4-8. For obvious reasons, females need nipples to nurse her kittens. Did you know that each nipple produces a scent? This way each kitten will know which teat to suckle from every meal? Why in the world do male cats have nipples you ask? Well, it boils down to mammal anatomy. Males naturally have them even though there isn’t use and they can’t nurse their young similar go male humans.

Staying Cool

Your cat will use the belly to cool herself down when she gets too hot. She will sprawl out the cold tile floor or anywhere else that is colder like a bathtub. Her stomach is so big she can bring her body temperature down faster this way. Having so much hair can make cats get hotter especially in the warm months.

Has your cat ever attacked you for touching his or her belly? We would love to hear your stories below.


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