Kitten Proof Your Home With These Easy Steps

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If you are welcoming a new kitten into your home you may need kitten-proof your home tips to help get your home ready and safe for your kitten. Kittens are curious by nature, and you want to make sure harmful items are out of the way so that they will be safe when you are not watching them.

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Just remember that when you bring a kitten home it is a whole new location and they will want to explore each nook and cranny. They have a lower visual advantage point, so when you are looking to kitten-proof your home make sure to look at their level. Remove any items that can be harmful to them to protect them and keep your sweet new kitty safe and happy.

Must Know Ways to Kitten-Proof Your Home

#CrazyCatLady #CatCare #CatLover kitten-proof your home

Potted Plants

Household plants can be toxic to your kitten. Look around and if you have any potted plants make sure to research to see if your plant is safe for your cat. Also remember that cats sometimes use the restroom in plants, so it might be best to put them out of reach.

Cleaning Products 

Make sure to put up cleaning products, laundry detergents, paints, fertilizers, etc. Whether you put in a cupboard or outdoors, make sure your kitten cannot get to it. Some have sweet smells that attract your cat to want to dive in and eat. They can be harmful and even deadly.

Curtain Strings, Ribbon, Rubber Bands

Make sure to look around for any stray rubber bands, string, or ribbon that could be on the floor or sitting on a shelf or in a nook of a room. If your cat ingests it, this can be an issue. Also look at your blinds and secure and tie up the cords, as they can choke or strangle your cat if they get wrapped up in it.

 Electric Cords

Cords are a big issue when you kitten-proof your home. We all have appliances that need to be plugged in, but exposed cords can be risky for kittens.  Try to take the cords down or use cord covers.

Trash Cans

Make sure your trash cans have a lid on them so your kitten can’t get into the trash and eat something to make them sick or that can be harmful.

Medications and Toilet

Medicine can be very fatal, so be sure to have them put away and in a container with a lid so that your cat can’t tip it over and spill the contents. Keep your toilet lid down, or you might find your cat falls in or tries drinking from it.


Make sure to keep your closet doors and the drawers of your dresser closed. This is because kittens love to get snuggly and warm, and you don’t want them hiding in the closet or drawer and you risk shutting the door.


Make sure your window screens are secure, in case you have a window open and your cat pushes against the screen.


Make sure your counters are nice and clean and don’t have items your cat can get into. If you are cooking make sure to watch your kitten if they are on the counter so they don’t walk on the stove or get near the hot pans. The best route is to teach your kitten not to get on the counter ever.

Follow these tips to ensure your home is ready for your new kitten!


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