Kitten Teething Toys to Help Get Through the Teething Stage

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If you have ever had a kitten you know they can bite anything and everything. Just like a puppy, they teethe, so constantly gumming and gnawing and toys, your hand, or other objects is soothing. I wanted to share some kitten teething toys that might help you and your kitten through the process. Kittens start losing their baby teeth around 9 weeks. By 5 to 6 months all their adult teeth should be in. To make it easy on your adorable kitten and to save your things, invest in some kitten teething toys!

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Kitten Teething Toys Are A Must Have

I know you might be thinking that chew toys are for dogs. Well if you think that, you are indeed wrong. Many manufacturers have come out with cat and kitten toys that help your kitten through the teething stage and allow them to enjoy the natural instincts they have to chew. Rubber and cloth toys that help work those baby teeth out exercise their jaws and more!

If your kitten is really struggling with biting you, make sure they have their toys around to bite on. Try to get at least two 15 minute play time sessions in a day using their teething toys. This is good to help them learn to use their toys and not chew on you or your furniture.  As an added benefit, it is great to help burn off energy.

Also when you play with your kitten don’t use your fingers to play with your kitten. They think your fingers are the toys and that is why you get nibble marks or even scratches. Always use a toy when it comes time to play with your kitten or cat so they don’t get confused.

Top Kitten Teething Toys To Buy

#CrazyCatLady #CatCare #KittenTeething kitten teething toys

The Kong Kitten Kickaroo is great for kittens to play with the strings at the end, and the soft fabric will feel good on their teeth. It is filled with catnip to help entice playtime with your feline.

Did you know they have toys for the night time play? The Catnip Roll toy is great for letting your cat chomp and play away and work on breaking in those teeth easily. It is a quiet toy that won’t wake you like other squeak toys.

A Rubber Mouse is another great toy, cat is drawn to mice, so why not give them a mouse they can play with and allow their natural instincts to kick in.

This Dental Health toy offers a variety of textures to entice your kitten. The fabric used is great for teething and cleaning any tartar or buildup on the teeth. This is a toy that will be great for your kitten and even adult cats.

This Chew Wheel is affordable and perfect for your new little kitten. It is a soft rubber that is soothing to your kitten’s teeth and gums. One thing you do have to watch for is that if your kitten really chews hard at it they can break off the rubber. For a couple dollars, you can toss and give a new one if that happens. Not all kittens will chew it that hard, but something to be aware of.

Catnip Infused Flippers are rubber and great for your kitten to gnaw on and really work on their teeth in a relaxing and fun way. They offer a catnip-infused aroma that is supposed to lure in your kitten.

What To Look For In Kitten Teething Toys

Rubber Toys

Any type of rubber toy that your kitten can chew on safely is great. The rubber can help push out a tooth, break the new tooth in through the gums and more. Just like a baby sometimes having that hard texture can be soothing to gums.

Fabric Toys

The fabric toys are great for teething as it can really get pushed up and around the area that is bothering your kitten when they chew on it. Fabric toys are also great for cleaning any tartar buildup on the teeth. Just make sure that your kitten doesn’t bite off a piece of the fabric and eat it. You can even wet down a toy and toss in the freezer for 15 minutes to give a cooling effect. Just make sure the toy isn’t stuffed with catnip or something.

Head out to your local pet store or shop online and find some toys that will help your kitten through teething. Just remember to try to play with them using the toy to get them interested in it, so over time they learn to play with the toy by themselves.


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