Learn All About The Ragdoll Cat Before You Bring One Home

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Silky soft fur, bold eyes and an endearing personality the sought after traits when it comes to a Ragdoll cat. Before you bring one home, learn all about the Ragdoll cat. The Ragdoll breed has become one of the most popular cat breeds, and for good reason. This breed rarely hits adoption centers, if they did I think more homes would have a Ragdoll cat or two. They are a pretty pricey breed and you have to search out a breeder but once you do you might fall in love with a new kitten or even an older cat to take home.

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We are considering adopting a few cats here maybe next year. Recently, we welcomed a new dog into our family, and Clay is absolutely loving his new buddy. Still, we miss our sweet cats dearly and I know Clay misses them as well. We need to heal from losing our other cats so that when we bring new cats into our home we are fully ready. I am sure if you have lost a cat or any pet you know it takes time to truly heal from such a large loss. Are you like us where it takes time to really think and be sure you are prepared before you take the big leap of adopting a cat or kitten?

I thought it would be fun to take the time to share some really fun and interesting Ragdoll cat facts.

Facts About The Ragdoll Cat Breed

#CrazyCatLady #RagdollCatBreed #CatBreedFacts ragdoll cat

Larger Cat Breed

The Ragdoll breed is a larger cat breed than other breeds. They tend to be a bit taller in height and are a bit heavier. There are some smaller Ragdolls out there, but generally, they lean more on the larger side.

Color Traits

They have a Siamese cat marking look to them with long hair. Now there are different markings that come with Ragdolls so each cat might present different dark colors in different areas paired with that pearl white. They have bright blue eyes that are just mesmerizing.


Ragdoll’s tend to be very friendly to people, other cats, and even dogs. They are pretty laid back, devoted to their family, and happy and friendly.


If you want a cat that will shower you with love, this is a great breed. They love to sit on your lap, get cuddles, and love to get petted, and pampered.


This breed does tend to shed, but let me say their coats don’t matt like some long hair cat breeds. It is recommended to brush them daily to help keep their fur from getting matted up. They are not a hypo-allergenic breed so if you have cat allergies this breed isn’t recommended.


Most generally this breed is healthy. They do have some issues that they are more prone to like bladder stones, and some heart conditions. But not every Ragdoll will have something wrong with them.


Ragdoll’s can live up to 17 years old. The average is around 12-17 years, so that is a pretty good lifespan.

Overall they are a charming cat breed that will shower you with affection, love, and can make a perfect family pet.


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