Learn How To Take Better Cat Pictures Of Your Favorite Feline

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Our cats become family from the moment we decide to bring them into our home. I am sure many cat owners feel that exact way. I know for me capturing pictures is a must. I love to look back at how tiny they were when they were a kitten and see the changes that have happened over time. If you struggle with taking quality pictures, I will share some simple tips so you can learn to take better cat pictures of your feline.

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Taking photos of your cat can be more difficult than a person. The reason is you can’t tell your cat to sit or pose a certain way, you have to work with them in what they feel they want to do. I love taking action shots where you allow your feline to do what they want. If they are laying down looking so cute, grab your camera and take some pictures. Just let your cat act natural and you will be amazed at the results, instead of forcing them to sit.

5 Tips to Take Quality Cat Pictures

Make Sounds

When you want to gain your cats attention to snap a quick photo, make some noise. Maybe a clicking noise or a high pitch squeal to draw them in so you can grab their attention.

Natural Light

Natural light is the best for any photo. Make sure you have a well-lit room before you go to snapping pictures. If it is darker it will look pixelated and no matter how hard you try to edit you won’t get those perfect cat pictures.


Try and give your cat treats as you are taking pictures of them to keep them interested. They will enjoy posing naturally when they get a nibble of a soft or chewy treat.

Get Down on Your Cat’s Level

Don’t be afraid to lay on the floor or get in a weird position to take your pictures. You need to get at your cats level to get at the right level for that perfect face shot.

Calm Atmosphere

When you try to have a photo shoot with your sweet feline, make it calm. Try to let your cat lounge and relax, and don’t force too much on certain positions. If you want them to lay on a blanket, start by slowly holding them and work the way to the blanket or seat to make them get comfortable. Just go at their pace and try to keep things nice and calm.

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