The Life of Farm Cats Plus New Kittens Arrived

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Today I wanted to talk a little about our farm cats! If you have read any of my past posts, you know that we live on a farm! I grew up being a city kid, while my husband grew up on a farm. After living in the country for almost two years now, I have learned quite a bit. I wanted to share a little about our farm cats, and welcome two of our new kittens! We have some more on the way, and I can’t wait to meet them!

farm cats

We live in a rural area in the country, that has a little over 20 acres, I am not sure on the exact acreage. When we moved out here, my husband told me we had to get some cats to help with mice and other outdoor small rodents. My husband prepared me that most farm cats or also known as barn cats, will be wild and you don’t get to pet them! I am a huge animal lover, so that made me a little sad, but I said okay, and prepared myself that I wouldn’t get to love them!

Our Farm Cats Are Family 

Well, these four cats we got, surprised us, they literally act more like dogs than cats! We have a little house they can sleep in up in the front of our house because they literally just hang out on the front porch most days. Now that we have been here for awhile they now like to venture around and look around in the barn and the other outbuilding we have. Our cats love to be petted, and every morning when we go out to feed them, they are already waiting for their meal and a good petting!

These farm cats, are not like classic farm cats, they get lots of attention, and love to be around us. Regular farm cats generally hide in an outbuilding and you don’t see them too often, except if they are out for a hunt. I love that our cats have become our friends!  Every now and again one or two even try sneaking into the house when we aren’t looking. My son, Clay, loves his cats so much, and he has a special bond with Whiskers.

life of farm cats

Living on a farm has been a huge learning curve for me, as it is something I have never experienced. One thing I have found such fun is having all the cats around! We have a total of 7 cats right now, and Bella is pregnant so more are on the way. I think we will get both girls fixed after this, so we can limit the reproduction a bit.

Myth of Farm Cats 

Some people say that if you feed your barn cats they will not catch mice and other rodents. That is absolutely not true! We feed all of our cats because I think that it’s cruel not to. We have had our cats catch mice and even a vole. You can love and care for your farm cats, just like an inside cat, and they will still hunt.

I also recommend that you spay and neuter your cats. This will keep them from having too many kittens and things getting out of hand. We wanted to have a few more kittens and then we are getting all of ours fixed! Also, even though they are outside cats, it is still highly recommended you get your cat vaccinations. Some cats can be so wild you can’t catch them, but we have not experienced that yet.

farm cats

If you live on a farm, how many cats do you have? Are they friendly like ours, or prefer to be left alone?

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