How To Make An Effective Lost Cat Poster

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Nothing is worse than losing your beloved cat, panic sets in instantly and your world begins to spin. If you find you lost your cat, I have some effective tips on how to make a lost cat poster. This is a great way to gain exposure that your cat went missing and have people keep an eye out for your missing cat.

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You might be amazed at how many people call and say they have seen or found a missing cat. The world is still full of people willing to help and creating a lost cat poster that is made properly with useful information will up your chances of someone finding your cat and helping you bring your cat home. Also if you have lost your cat, check out these helpful tips on how to find your lost cat.

Steps On How to Make A Lost Cat Poster

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First off, head to your computer and open up a word document. This will be the best way to create a clean poster that is easy to read and will grab attention from people who pass by it.

Readable Font

You want to pick a font that is bold but very easy to read. Nothing that is cursive or makes it hard to decipher what the letters are. Make sure you put “Lost Cat” at the top in very large letters. That way it catches people’s attention. If you want to offer a reward, you can put something like cash reward under lost cat if you want.


Make sure you don’t pick colors that are going to be hard to read. Consider using black font, or red, blue, green, etc. Stay away from colors like yellow, pink, and other light colors, they can be harder for the eye to see from a distance.

Picture of Cat

If you have a picture of your cat make sure to put that in the center of the poster. This is a great way to see exactly the cat they will want to be looking for. Make sure the picture is nice and clear, shows your cat’s face clearly. If it is blurry or you can’t make out the cat easily in the picture it won’t work as well.


Make sure to write underneath the picture a detailed description of your cat and the name. If your cat has unique markings on their face, put that in, or say, “Comes to the name of Arnold.”

Examples of details to include in your lost cat poster: Color, Breed, Detailed description of the cat, if they have a collar on or not, etc.

Contact Information 

I always put down multiple ways for people to reach out, from a phone number that can be texted or call as well as an email address. Some people prefer to text over calling, and by saying they can text, might mean they reach out.

Tabs at Bottom 

If you decide you want to have little tabs where people can pull off the name and number to call you at if they see your cat around you can easily do that. You can do it in the word document or hand write your name and number down, and then cut little strips so they can easily tear a tab off. It is very basic but they might pull your tab off and in a day or two come across your cat, and have the information handy to call you.

Share on Social Media As Well 

Also, with social media being a huge plus nowadays, make sure if you have Facebook do a post there, share on Twitter, and more. I have found in the Buy, Sell, Trade groups for our local area, tons of people share lost dogs and cats, and they generally find the owner within the day. Social media makes life so much easier to get the word out.

Have you ever lost your cat?  Did a lost cat poster help you reunite with your cat?

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