60 Male Cat Names To Consider

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Scroll through this impressive list of male cat names that might be a perfect fit your new cat! You will find unique, classic, fun, and adorable male cat names on this list! I know for me I like to pick out my cat, give it a good look over and then start crunching through names to find the perfect fit. I always head to the internet to see long lists of names I can scroll through.  I find the ones that stand out, write them down and then pick our favorites. If you are like me, you might greatly benefit from this list and find a perfect name for your new furry little feline. Happy cat naming.

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How do You Name Your Cat?

I take naming animals very serious because I don’t want to regret it later down the line. Naturally, most people put a right amount of thought into a name. Some people might want a unique name that stands out or one that fits the color of their coat or even eyes, while some want a fun name. This list of male cat names will bring you variety.

Or you might be on the hunt for a perfect human name to give your new cat, that is a huge trend. I get why it can be popular because we consider our pets our family. Some people might be confused as to why you would name your cat Josh, but to you, it makes perfect sense. My motto is, it is your cat, you choose the name that you feel fits.

An Awesome List Of Male Cat Names

#CrazyCatLady #CatNames #MaleCatNames  male cat names

  1. Arlo
  2. Avalanche
  3. Artie
  4. Bosco
  5. Blaze
  6. Blitz
  7. Bruno
  8. Charlie
  9. Cy
  10. Chevy
  11. Casper
  12. Cornwall
  13. Corky
  14. Darwin
  15. Dingo
  16. Dudley
  17. Ernie
  18. Ezra
  19. Felix
  20. Freddy
  21. Gulliver
  22. Grover
  23. Grumps
  24. Gunner
  25. Goliath
  26. Heathcliff
  27. Harry
  28. Ian
  29. Jack
  30. Jax
  31. King
  32. Knight
  33. Kroy
  34. Leo
  35. Lightening
  36. Maverick
  37. Mr. Rogers
  38. Nemo
  39. Nugget
  40. Opie
  41. Parker
  42. Peanut Butter
  43. Ray Ray
  44. Ricky
  45. Simba
  46. Sarge
  47. Shadow
  48. Theo
  49. Thunder
  50. Tiger
  51. Vader
  52. Whiskers
  53. Willie
  54. Waldo
  55. Yoshi
  56. Yoda
  57.  Yukie
  58. Zoro
  59. Zane
  60. Zac

Did your cat’s name make the list? If not leave a comment below on your male cat’s name!

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