Should You Microchip Your Cat? | Here Is What You Need To Know

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Should you microchip your cat or not? That is the question many cat owners ask. Let me help share the benefits and list some risks to consider. Ultimately you are the one that has to be happy with your decision. Learn what microchipping is, along with the benefits and risks are. You can walk away feeling like you can make a decision to feel good about. I also recommend talking to your vet. They can go into more detail on the process and even more insight on microchipping cats.


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Facts About Microchipping Your Cat

Microchipping is when they take a device the size of a piece of rice and insert it under your cat’s skin. They generally insert the device between the shoulder blades with a needle. The microchip stays inside your cat’s skin so that if they get lost, the vet can scan to see if the cat is chipped. If your cat is chipped it will share the current information on the owner’s address and phone number.

I do recommend that you still keep a collar on your cat with an ID tag. The chip works great if your cat gets taken to a shelter or vet. However, if a random person on the street comes across your cat, they will not know who to contact. So always keep an up to date tag on your cat’s collar.

How To Microchip Your Cat

#CrazyCatLady #Microchipping #CatOwner microchip your cat

If you are going to decide to microchip your cat, just call your local vet. They can share the cost and get you scheduled to come in and get the chip implanted. Depending on where you live will depend on the price and process they take to do a microchip.

Make sure that you register and have up to date information. Remember that anytime you move or have a new phone number, you will have to update, or the chip will be useless.

Pros And Cons of Microchipping

Of course, a pro is if your cat gets out and runs off, you have a higher chance of finding your cat if they get dropped off at a shelter or vet office. One con is if the person scanning doesn’t hit the right area they might miss the microchip altogether. Some studies have shown that some cats have a higher chance of cancer when they are chipped. Now, when you put anything into your cat’s body, of course, you have to weigh the risks. You might want to research more as time goes on to see if more studies have been conducted.

So as you can see there is a good reason to get a cat chipped but also some risks to consider. Ultimately the decision is yours, and you know what is best for your cat or kitten!

Curious to hear if you have chipped your cat or not? Let me know in the comments!

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