The Most Common Cat Eye Problems You Might Encounter

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Cat’s eyes are so special. They are so vivid and have beautiful colors that can mesmerize you! Whether your cat has pretty blue eyes, gray, copper, or another color. One thing about cats is you have to keep an eye on their eyes as they can develop problems.  I’m sharing with you a list of the most common cat eye problems. Watch out for these eye health issues in case you find that your cat is having watery build up around the eye, or something else similar to what’s on the list below.



Common Cat Eye Problems

This is Sassy. She is one sweet little girl, although she wasn’t when she was little – hence her name! She grew out of it, however. A while back, a piece of cheat grass got in her eye, and we were pretty nervous. She could barely open it, and she seemed to have a lot of tenderness. Her eye almost constantly watered. Luckily, we got the grass out and she is totally fine now! It was scary because you never want something to be wrong with your cat’s eyes!

What Should Their Eyes Look Like 

Your cat’s eyes should be clear and bright. Moreover, the area around the eyeball should be nice and white. The pupils should be equal in size as well. Try to look at your cat’s eyes randomly in a nice well lit room to really get a good look.


Common Cat Eye Problems to Look For 

Common Cat Eye Problems

I always recommend seeing a vet when you can. We need to take the best care of our pets. A lot of eye symptoms could point to more than one of the common cat eye problems. Therefore, you have to let a professional have a look to really find the culprit behind your cat’s issues!

Eye Infections 

Eye infections are very common in cats! Generally, your cat might have some redness, swelling, rubbing of the eye, squinting, and even discharge. Mild viral infections should resolve on their own. Try to encourage your cat to drink plenty and eat well. Sometimes you need to see your vet to get a topical eye ointment. Sometimes your cat might have a chronic or recurrent problem. Such problems can lead to more problems, so don’t overlook this if your cat can’t seem to stop getting infections.


You may not know that cats can get allergies just like humans! Allergies are less common, but they can cause some irritation in your pet. Dust, tobacco smoke, perfumes, and cleaners commonly cause pet allergies. If your cat’s suffering from allergies, they may have some drainage, redness of eyes, and frequent squinting. If your cat doesn’t seem to get better after a little bit, make an appointment with a vet.


This is something that doesn’t happen much at all, but it can. The eye appears to be very cloudy or there is an opacity of the eye lens. This can be pretty serious and needs to be seen by a vet. An inflammation of the eye can be the start of this or any trauma to the eye, and even genetics can be the culprit. No treatment exists to reverse cataracts. Inherited or spontaneous cataracts can be removed in some cases.

Corneal Ulcers 

The cornea is the clear tissue on the eye, where the light passes through. Corneal ulcers are open sores, caused by an infection, injury, or tear of the eye. Your cat’s cornea might look cloudy, they might squint, show redness, and even have discharge. Ointments, drops, or antibiotics will generally help heal your cat’s eye.


Glaucoma means there is an issue with drainage of the eye. Some cats inherit this, or it is a secondary to a prior eye issue that didn’t get treated or healed. Your cat’s eye might be enlarged, cloudy, tearing, dilated pupils, redness, and more. Your cat needs to see a vet if they have glaucoma, so they can get the treatments they need.


Trauma happens, whether your cat lives indoor or out. Your cat can easily to run into something, fight with another cat, etc. Generally, minor traumas will heal okay. Sometimes you need a little treatment from a vet. You might see your cat squinting, having some water from the eye, swollen eyes, or your cat acts in pain, etc.

I hope that sharing this list of common cat eye problems will help you to be more aware of the conditions that may affect your feline’s eye health.

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