Must Read Cat Books For The Fall Season

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If you love to curl up with a good book, a fuzzy blanket, and a warm cup of apple cider than you are in luck. I have some great must read cat books that are perfect for this fall season. Nothing is more relaxing than finding a cozy spot in the home to read a nice relaxing book. If you are like me and love cats, you might enjoy one of these cat-themed books below. Or give it as a gift to a friend or loved one who loves books and cats. I have shared cat books with you in the past, so I thought it would be fun to share even more.


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For me, there is something about reading a good book that wipes my stress away. I feel I can escape the world for a short time and feel like I am living in the pages of the book I am reading. Or get a few laughs at a book full of humor. I generally reach for faith-based books that have a lesson in it, but sometimes I mix it up with a fun cat book or two. Here are some fun reads if you are looking for new ones to add to your list.

The Perfect Cat Books To Add To Your Reading List

#CrazyCatLady #CatBooks #CatLover must read cat books

You Need More Sleep

This is a fun cat advice book that will give you cat-like advice for all the day-to-day troubles we may face. It is a pretty fun book if you are on the hunt for a light-hearted book.

Cat Miracles

A book filled with cat stories that will tug at your heartstrings and make you just love your cat even more. You will read stories of how a simple cat changed a family’s life forever and so much more.

Sorry, I Barfed On Your Bed

Another fun-filled cat book. I mean you have to admit you got to wonder what goes on in your cat’s mind on occasion.

Total Cat Mojo

This is a great book to learn more about your cat and the reason why they do things. It is like a guide to your cat in a sense, and great for anyone who recently got a new cat.

Cat Facts

If you know me, you know I love a good cat fact!  Cat Facts is a great read so you can learn all the facts about your four-legged furry feline. Try saying that three times fast!

Making Rounds With Oscar

A heartwarming story about a doctor who is too busy for things or to stop and just focus for a minute. Then he meets a cat and things become a lot different in his life. A really wonderful read.

Cat Stories

In this quick read, you can learn the stories of a handful of cats and how they went from homeless to loved and much more.

Starting From Scratch

If you have an adult cat who has behavior problems check out this book to see if you can work with your cat to reverse those behaviors.

What is your favorite book you have read lately?


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