5 Apps for Your Cat | Entertain Them With These Cat App Options

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We live in such a technology driven world, why wouldn’t there be a cat app for your cat?! I have created a list of awesome cat app options you can download for your cat to play with and enjoy! Whether you have a tablet or a smartphone, your feline won’t mind, just as long as they can get some play time! Now they will be greeting you at the door meowing for your tablet instead of food!

Apps for Your Cat cat app

This is totally not a joke, some cats will love pawing at the tablet screen chasing digital mice, laser dots and more across the screen! This is a fun new way to entertain your cat, let them really think, and even let their feline instincts kick in as they are trying to attack the screen! Now, do note that if you are going to let your cat claw at your screen, scratches can happen! I suggest having a screen protector or buying a cheaper tablet that you don’t mind if your cat scratches.

Frisky Cat App Options for Your Cat To Download Today 

app for cats

Cat Fishing 2

For: iOS and Android 

Let your cat have fun catching fish in this challenging game. Now, this is a timed game, so after so long it will shut off and you will have to restart. The game offers three levels, so you can choose how many fish you want on the screen at one time. If your cat doesn’t touch the screen within 30 seconds or more, the tablet will “meow” to try to gain back your cat’s attention!

 Apps for Your Cat

Mouse for Cats 

For: iOS and Android 

If you have a feline who loves mice, he might enjoy this game! It offers different mice that will run and scurry across the screen letting your cat capture them. Randomly the tablet will let out a mouse sound here and there! Best of all, no Ads!

app for your cat

Relax My Cat 

ForiOS and Android 

From the name, you can tell it isn’t for playing, but it can help relax your cat! The music that is used in this cat app is based on feline vocal communication, and environmental sounds, that intrigue your cat. They can help mellow them out, help them with anxiety, and so much more. It is really one of the neat cat app options around!

app for your cat

Cat Alone 

For: iOS and Android

Turn on your tablet or phone and let your cat have fun trying to catch the items on the screen! They have fingers, ladybugs, a fly, butterfly, cockroach and more for your cat to entertain themselves with!

app for your cat

Laser Chase 

For: iOS and Android 

If your feline is a fan of lasers, this app is one to download! Let your cat try to capture the laser spotlight on the tablet or phone!

Do you have any apps for your cat on your phone or tablet? If so, let me know which ones!

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