Pregnant Cat Labor Signs | What To Look For In Your Cat

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If your cat is pregnant you might be eagerly anticipating the arrival of a new litter of kittens. Just like humans we never know for sure when labor will start, so here are a few pregnant cat labor signs to look for. This is a simple guide to help you to know what to look for. Whether you have an unplanned or planned pregnancy, it is always good to be prepared for the arrival of new kittens. Plus you can find ways to make mama kitty as comfortable and relaxed as she can be through the process.

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Pregnant Cat Labor Signs

Once you know your cat is pregnant and get the confirmation from the vet, the waiting game follows. If you get a predicted due date from your vet based on the size of kittens, then you have some idea of the time she will have her babies. A cat normally doesn’t give birth until after 63 days, some do have pre-term labor and that can cause complications. Most of the times cats have a pretty smooth labor and delivery. There are a few tell-tale signs to look for and I am here to help you to know what to look for in your cat. Here are some tips on how to care for your pregnant cat, that you might find helpful. 

#CrazyCatLady #CatCare #PregnantCat pregnant cat labor signs


When labor is near you can always look at the changes in behavior in your cat. She might be more up and close wanting attention, or seems to be more tired and lays around. Make sure if she is asking for extra attention you give it to her, this can help your cat to feel nice and relaxed and not so overwhelmed. You might find that she even pants more while you are giving her attention.

Grooming More

If your cat begins to groom her genitals a lot more you can take into consideration that she is preparing for labor. It is her natural response to help prepare for labor.


It is a natural instinct for a cat to have a similar nesting stage just like humans. When it gets closer to the arrival of her kittens she will be on the hunt to find the perfect spot to have her labor and delivery. She wants to find a place that is safe and relaxing and where she feels comfortable. You might have a spot in mind where you can lay down old towels or blankets to help her get comfortable, and make sure to have food and water near her. Just know that anything she is laying on will get ruined once she gives birth.

Appetite Increase

As those little kittens grow she will begin to want more food. Make sure to accommodate and give her extra food around a month to three weeks before expected delivery of kittens. You can give her extra dry food, or mix dry and wet or even her regular food mixed with kitten food to give her the extra calories and nutrients she needs to help produce milk.


When she is getting closer to delivery you will notice her nipples will get larger and begin to get a lot pinker. You might even see a little milk discharge coming from them.


In a day or two leading up to birth, you might find your cat seems sick. Loss of appetite, distant, not interested in food, and just ill. This is normal but also something you need to be aware of to ensure she stays safe during her labor and delivery.

 How to Know When She Is In-Active Labor

When your cat begins to pace back and forth and seems uneasy or restless no matter what she is doing, is a good sign active labor has begun. You will also see some discharge begin to come out. If you are with your cat when the labor begins, know it is a process and that you will want to keep her warm and comfortable. Make sure to have your veterinarian’s number on hand in case you come across any issues.

What signs have you noticed before your cat gives labor? 

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