Purr-Fect Cat Books For Young Children To Read Right Meow!

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I have shared adult books for cat lovers in the past, but we haven’t shared any cat books for younger children. If your child is a cat lover, you might find these books purr-fect for them. Get it? Perfect!? Don’t mind me and my witty humor, I just couldn’t pass that up. I have gathered an assortment of books that will be a home run!

#CrazyCatLady #CatLovers #KidsWhoLoveCats Cat books for kids

Reading is so beneficial to children in so many ways. From helping them learn to read to using their imagination, and even growing their vocabulary. I try to read to my son daily, he is two right now. I have seen a huge difference in the number of words he uses, and it makes me wonder if he remembers it from the books we read. One of his series of books is the Cat and the Hat. He loves watching the television show on PBS and loves the book as well. He is a huge cat lover, so cat books have him swooning.

Benefits of Reading To Your Child

Here are a few reasons why you should try to read at least 2-3 books with your child each day. Or if they are old enough, let them begin reading to you!

  • Develops Imagination
  • Exercises Our Brains
  • Language Skills
  • Improves Vocabulary
  • Helps Teach the Child About Things
  • Spend One-On-One Time With Child
  • Gets Them Ready For School

8 Must Read Cat Books for Younger Children

#CrazyCatLady #CatLovers #KidsWhoLoveCats Cat books for kids

Cats is a great one for younger readers. It offers squeak buttons and cats of all different breeds with captivating images. This is a wonderful book for younger kids who want to about all the different colors of cats.

Kittens First Full Moon is a book full of adventure. The little kitten thinks that full moon is a warm bowl of milk! Follow the sweet kitten on an adventure to see if they capture the moon!

Another fun book is If You Give A Cat A Cupcake. When a girl gives her cat a cupcake it takes them on a whole journey of events. From spilling the sprinkles, getting hot, the list goes on. It will make your kiddo laugh for sure.

If your child shows interest in cat facts, try getting this Everything Cat book! It has all your child wants to know about cats. Why does your cat purr, the way cats play with food and so much more.

This JellyCat Book is meant for younger kids as you can touch and feel. It has an adorable fuzzy tail on the back that feels just like the real thing.

The Little Kitten is a picture book with adorable pictures of a kitten and his adventures. A great way for toddlers to enjoy seeing their favorite animal in a book. You can talk about the surroundings, the color of cat and more in this simple but adorable book.

How to Speak Cat is great for older kids who want to learn to try and communicate with their furry friends. Allow them to read and learn and decipher what meow means what!

Cats, Kitten, and Cats is an activity book that has word searches, coloring pages and more. These are great indoor activities for a cold or rainy day.

Tell us about your favorite cat books for kids!

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