Valuable Steps To Raising A Happy Indoor Cat

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Your cat doesn’t have to step outdoors to be happy and live a good life. You can raise an indoor cat and keep them happy and in an sensory-rich environment. I have some valuable steps to raising a happy indoor cat.

Steps to raising a happy indoor cat


Cats have natural instincts that leave them dreaming of running free outdoors. Climbing, hunting, and just roaming free. But, living outdoors can lead your cat to face a multitude of risks. Having them indoors is a safer option, and they can live a happy lifestyle with these solutions below. Staying indoors will help protect them from other animals, traffic, and other dangers they might encounter outdoors.  You can follow our tips for raising a happy indoor cat and keep them safe as well.

Raising A Happy Indoor Cat Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

raising a happy indoor cat


Climbing Options

Cats love to climb, it is a natural instinct. Try giving your cat the option of a cat tree, a tower, or an alternative to a cat tree. This will give your cat the opportunity to claw and climb and feel like they are on top of the world.

Indoor Garden

Cats love feeling the cool and crisp grass on their paws. Create a cat indoor garden to help ignite those natural instincts they have inside. It gives them a dose of being outdoors without having to step foot outside. You can create all different sizes of gardens with a variety of plants that are safe for your feline.


If you live in a safe neighborhood that doesn’t have a lot of loose dogs, consider buying a harness and training your cat to walk on a leash! Training your cat to walk on a leash does take time but it is great for you and your cat to step outdoors, explore and enjoy nature.

Window Watching

Make sure to have something that your cat can sit on and watch out windows. They love watching birds flying around, squirrels running up trees and other parts of the outside world. Put a perch or piece of furniture by the window so they can easily watch whenever they want throughout the day. This is a great way to entertain them while you are gone. On nice days open the window and make sure there is a screen to keep them safe. They can listen to the birds and sounds of the outside to help intrigue their senses.

Play Time 

Make sure to take time each day to play with your cat. Have different toys available to give them a variety of ways to play. Whether they chase, pounce, or stalk, it gives them entertainment and exercises that they need each day.

Clean House

Cat’s love to have their litter box clean. Make sure to clean their litter box often so they have a clean spot to use the restroom. Cats can be clean freaks and one thing I know is a messy litter box isn’t going to make them happy.


Whether you buy treats or make some homemade treats, make sure to give them something special from time to time! This is a perk and lets them know they are loved.


Make sure when your cat comes to you to be rubbed and petted that you give all the attention and cuddles you can. Letting your furry friend know they are loved is so important. Just like humans, cats love to be touched, and they might tell you when they are tired of it.


Are you raising a happy indoor cat or do you allow your cats outdoors?

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