12 Reasons Why You Need A Black Cat Like Right Now

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Black cats get a bad rap as being bad luck, but to be honest they are amazing cats to own. They have a lot of love to give and would make a perfect addition to your family for many reasons. I have created a list of reasons why you need a black cat in your life!

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Did you know that August 17th is National Black Cat Appreciation Day? The reason why they have their own day is that they are so unique and stunning to look at. Most pet shelters will tell you black cats have the lowest adoption rate, which I find heartbreaking. It is all because people say they are bad luck, so I am here to break that myth and open your eyes to the wonders of what a loving and unique black cat can bring to you and your family.

Why Owning A Black Cat Is the Best Thing You Will Ever Do 

black catBlack cats really stand out from all other cats! Why? Because they are black and calicos, while beautiful, can blend in. A black cat can stand out and look mysterious and like a panther. They truly are stunning.

You can tell your friends you have your own cat ninja! They will blend and hide in the night and you won’t even know they are there unless they startle you.

In some cultures they consider black cats to be lucky, not bad luck! Enough said, right there!

Black cats are the least likely to get adopted or they get abused the most because of the stigma of being bad luck. If that doesn’t pull at your heartstrings, I don’t know what will.

Black goes with everything, so they will match your home perfectly!

As they age you will notice grey hairs develop, it gives them a whole new look that is really gorgeous.

Science suggests they have a longer lifespan than other breeds, but it is not known why. Scientist wonder if it is a stronger immune system.

Black cats are very smart, and they can survive really well!

These felines are absolutely loving and have their own unique personality.  A black cat is ready to be loved and give the love that is in their hearts.

You will find so many famous black cats over the years. Hocus Pocus, Felix the Cat, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, to name a few.

Their eyes stand out far more than other breeds. They generally have golden or green eyes, which is an overproduction of melanin.

By owning a black cat you show the world you won’t give into silly superstitions and you will love your cat and know the true heart of your kitty.


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