Practical Reasons Why Cat Clothes Might Be Beneficial For Your Cat

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Did you know that some cats might actually benefit from wearing cat clothes? While some dress their cats up just to look cute, your feline might be thanking you for the clothes! I am going to share some practical reasons why cat clothes might be beneficial for your cat. Never force your cat to wear clothes. Some cats like clothes, while others despise it.

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When you see clothes are on sale you might consider buying some for your cat. I will share a handful of reasons why your cat might like it. Whether you buy a sweater, shirt, or a fun little costume, it will be a nice way to protect your cat! Now some cat owners think it is torture to put clothes on your cat. If your cat seems to tolerate clothes then that is a great sign. If they fight wearing them, maybe you should skip putting clothes on them, they might be uncomfortable or get overheated. Just be aware of how your cat acts when the clothes are on. If they seem okay, then go for it. If they fight or rip the clothes off, take that as a sign not to dress your cat in clothes.

Benefits of Cat Clothes

#CrazyCatLady #CatCare #CatWearingClothes cat clothes


The biggest benefit of cat clothes is to keep your cat warm. Most cats love to feel extra cozy at all times through the year. They might lay on the floor by a window that has the sun shining in to soak up extra heat. Or they may love to burrow under a blanket and sleep the day away. Grab an outfit that can offer a bit more warmth for your cat and they might be overjoyed. Hairless cats are especially in need of staying warm, as they don’t have the fur to help regulate their body temperature.

Bonding Time

Spending time with your cat allows you to bond with your cat in so many ways. From playing with them, petting them, and even putting clothes on them. It allows you to have that special time with your cat, and you can brush them, rub their head, or just really connect with them. Cats love attention in any form, so if getting your cat dressed offers a form of connection then take it!

Adorable Factor

This isn’t a true benefit, but I had to toss it in. Dressing a cat who wants and allows you to dress them can be cute. I think they are fun for holidays to dress your cat up and take pictures. If you have a hairless breed they might require constant clothes, and I am sure you can find an arrangement of items to make them look precious and help keep them warm!

Beware of Overheating

Sweaters are generally good for breeds that are hairless, and not meant for cats with a lot of fur. The reason is they can overheat really fast. Generally, you want to look for items that are a bit lighter in weight, and fit properly. You don’t want it too snug, or too loose.

Put your cats head through first, and then feet, and if your cat seems to tolerate than give it a try. Look for clothes that are cotton so they allow some breathing room. Try and skip clothes that are heavily knitted or made with thicker fabric. Just check on your cat a few times when they first begin wearing the item of clothing to ensure they are okay.

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