How to Recognize Ringworm In Cats and Treatment

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Ringworm in cats is one of the most common fungal skin issues you will find. If you think your cat has ringworm, check out these tips on how to recognize ringworm in cats as well as some treatment options for you.


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Ringworm can cause a circular pattern of hair loss in your pet, and the edges will be raised up a bit. You can sometimes even see a reddish colored ring around the spot on your cat. They could also look like sores and have some crust to them. If you think your cat does have ringworm, I suggest taking a trip to the vet. Your vet will give you a definitive diagnosis and go over treatment options. Ringworm can be found in humans as well, and you will want treatment for yourself if you have a spot that appears to be ringworm.

 What Is Ringworm

The name is deceiving, for the longest time I thought if you had ringworm you had worms inside of you. Now that I am an adult I now know that ringworm has nothing to do with worms. It is a fungus that can develop on the skin of animals and humans. It is contagious and can be transmitted from animal to animal or animal to human.

Ringworm in cats spreads easier during the hotter and humid times of the year. If your cat is in an unsanitary environment it can be a cause of ringworm.  Your cat can become infected when they come in contact with fungal spores they pick up in the environment.

What Does Ringworm In Cats Look Like

#CatCare #CrazyCatLady #HealthForCat ringworm in cats

Patches of Hair Loss| Bald areas on your cat’s fur can be a sign of ringworm. If you see circular patches of missing hair take a closer look to ensure it isn’t the start of ringworm.

Inflamed| You might see that your cat has a reddish sore or inflamed area where your cat has hair loss.

Crusty| Sometimes your cat might scratch or lick the area, or it can develop a crust of dry skin.

Ring Around Area| The patch of hair that is missing might have a ring around it that is a little red. That is where you find the name. It looks like a red ring and because it can be raised at edged like a worm.

Common Places You Find Ringworm On Cats 

  • Face
  • Ears
  • Paws
  • Muzzle
  • Back or Legs

Ringworm In Cat Treatment Options

Visit A Vet 

 You can take your cat to the vet to get looked over for an official diagnosis. If your cat does have ringworm I highly suggest following these steps at home to help prevent the spread of ringworm. Because ringworm can mimic many different skin conditions it is best to take your cat in to be seen. You don’t want to treat at home for ringworm when your cat is struggling with some other conditions. If your cat does indeed have ringworm your vet will prescribe medicine to treat the ringworm. If you have multiple cats you can ask if they all need to be treated or wait until you see signs of ringworm in the other cats.

Tea Tree Oil

 Tea tree oil acts as a natural fungicide. You simply apply a drop or two on the bald spots twice a day for around a week or two. Make sure to thoroughly wash your hands after to reduce spreading to yourself.


 Slice off a piece of fresh papaya and rub this on the areas that have ringworm. Papaya naturally kills the fungus.  You can do this once a day for a week or two.

Taking Care of Your Home After Diagnosis

  • Clean Your Home| Make sure to clean your home really well including your cat belongings.
  • Cat Beds, Grooming Tools, Etc| Make sure to disinfect your cat’s bedding, water and food bowl, litter box, grooming equipment and more. If you don’t properly clean everything the ringworm can come back pretty quick once you get rid of it.

How have you treated ringworm in your home before? 


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