Check Out These Secrets To Giving a Cat A Pill Easier

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If you have ever had a sick cat, you know the struggles of giving a cat a pill. I have some secrets to getting your cat to take a pill easier that you might find useful! It seems like cats know that there is a hidden foreign object inside that scrumptious piece of meat you are trying to feed them. They somehow eat around the pill and leave it in one piece on the kitchen floor. No longer! Follow these tips and have more success giving your cat their medicine.

give your cat a pill

Giving a cat a pill can be one massive challenge if you have a difficult cat. They have sharp claws and teeth and they will fight with all their might to reject you sticking that pill in their mouth. For dogs you can slather a pill in peanut butter and watch them guzzle it down in one bite. Giving a cat a pill is never that easy. They need a little bit more TLC when it comes to getting them to take their medication. If you are struggling, make sure to try out these secret tips below.

Giving a Cat A Pill the Easy Way

give your cat a pill

Speed is of the essence when it comes to giving your cat medicine. The faster you work the better of a success rate you have. I highly suggest practicing giving a cat a pill without an actual pill. This can help you so much later on when it comes time to give your cat their needed medications.

Pill Gun

If you have not heard of a pill gun, it has a soft rubber tip and you place the pill in the tube, and then dispense it into your cat’s mouth. This helps get the pill deep in the cat’s mouth so they swallow instead of spitting it directly out. Some cat owners have amazing success using this.  A good tip is to rub some food on the outside of the syringe and let your cat lick it clean. Then place the syringe closer to your cat’s mouth so you can slowly and gently get the pill gun in their mouth and give the pill.

Raw Meat Or Pill Pocket

This might sound gross but if you take some ground up hamburger or turkey and place the pill inside, your cat might chow down on the meat. This tip is one that a friend of mine does for her cats and has success each and every time. They also make pill pockets that you can buy, they are a soft treat with the center cut out to slip a pill in. You have to watch your cat though to ensure they don’t spit the pill out.

Blowing On Nose 

If your cat lets you put the pill in their mouth without fighting you, simply hold their mouth closed. Don’t squeeze them too hard, as you don’t want to hurt your cat. While you are holding their mouth closed, blow on their nose. This will kind of force them to swallow, and they will swallow their pill. This method is a bit harder, but if your cat is docile you might have success.

Rubbing Throat 

Get the pill in your cat’s throat and then gently hold their mouth closed and rub along their throat. This will give them the sensation to swallow and hopefully, the pill will go down easier.

Liquid Medication by Syringe 

If your cat refuses to take a medication in a pill form consider getting a liquid form (talk to your vet). Try to place the syringe farther back in your cat’s mouth up against their cheek and gently release the medicine slowly. This is key so that they get it swallowed and don’t choke.

Do you have a method to give your cat a pill that you find easier? 

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