Silly Cat Memes Guaranteed to Make You Laugh

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If you’re looking for some silly cat memes to make you laugh, you’ve come to the right place! You’ll love these so much that you’ll be sharing them with all your family and friends!

Some weeks we just need a little break throughout the week for a pick me up! Today I have gathered a few silly cat memes from our Facebook Page, that are guaranteed to give you a smile or a laugh or two! Like always, these perfect memes are cats just doing their own thing! They are so silly and adorable you can’t help but want to smile at them! Sit back and enjoy, and relax a little!

silly cat memes

Silly Cat Memes Guaranteed to Make You Laugh

I do have to share before we jump in, the other day we were outside playing, and Clay looked up and began pointing to the roof. I look up and two of our cats were just hanging out on the roof sunbathing! Whiskers fell asleep on the roof eventually with his head hanging off, I seriously thought he was gonna fall off the roof! It amazes me at how crazy cats can be, and literally sleep or relax in any situation!

Crazy Silly Cat Memes To Break Up Your Day

silly cat meme

Ha, that about is the truth! If Clay would let me take a nice long nap, I totally would! I am all about relaxing in the air conditioning on these hot summer days.silly cat memes

I literally about spit my drink out when I saw this! Who else wonders if cats really think things like this?!

Silly cat memes

That looks like the cat means business! Love the paw action going on!

 cat memes

I wonder what it is about a cat and a box that is so entertaining for them! The look on this cat’s face is priceless!

silly cat memes

That is exactly what I say when I fall over nothing trying to walk! But I know I don’t look half as adorable as this sweetie!

Need More Silly Memes? Keep Scrolling!

silly cat memes  

This look says, walk away and no one gets hurt! But look at that cute face, you just want to give that cat a big squeeze!

silly cat memes

With a face like that, how can’t you want to take them in and out 500 times a day!

cat memes

My goodness, that would be nice!!!

silly cat memes

Sometimes it is just too hard to adult! If I could fit in the oven I might go hide there too!

silly cat memes

Wouldn’t this be a perfect world if we could nap all day, and call that a life!? Sign me up please, I could totally go for a nap right about now!

Check out these best cat memes picks and these sassy cat memes for more laughs! One can never have too many cat memes, right? These are certain to make your day!

And if you don’t like these cat memes, you can always make up your own!

Which of these silly cat memes is your favorite?  Let us know in the comments!

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  • Tracy Chretien says:

    The one with the cat begging to be let in is my favourite because the dark orange kitty on the inside is my Aslan!!

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