Stop Believing These Cat Myths Today!

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Do cats have nine lives? Does your cat truly land on their feet everytime they fall? Let me share some cat myths that you might have heard a time or two. Stop believing the myths and know the truth. The better we learn the truth behind our adorable felines, the better we can care for them. Check out these cat myths below and learn the truth about your cat, so you more educated when it comes to your cat and their safety. #CatMyths #CrazyCatLady #CatCare cat myths

From nine lives to wagging their tail as a sign of happiness, learn about the cat myths people share. See what is true, and what isn’t! You might be surprised on a few of these! Most I was correct on, but as I have researched and learned about cats over the years, I was surprised to learn the truth. You might think the same thing.

7 Cat Myths – What’s True?

#CatMyths #CrazyCatLady #CatCare cat myths

Wagging Tail Is A Sign Of Happiness

Every dog wags their tail when they are excited or happy to see you. But is that the same for cats? While a cat might show signs of wagging their tail, but don’t get it mixed up with twitching. When a cat twitches their tail it can be a sign of stress, anger or even aggression. Make sure that if your cat looks upset and you see that tail twitching you step back and give them the space they need.

Cats Need Milk

Most cats are lactose intolerant, so giving them a bowl of milk can really give them some digestive issues. You can buy cat milk replacement for kittens that need milk that they don’t get from their mothers, but serving up a bowl of cow’s milk is not a great idea.

Black Cats Are Bad Luck

No color of fur on the cat really means good or bad luck. This is a total myth and the Chinese even believe black cats are good luck. Black cats offer a unique look to them that lure you in. What is sad is that because of this myth black cats don’t get adopted as often, and receive more abuse than other colors of cats. If you see a black cat, give it a little love.

Nine Lives

I have heard this myth more than any others I think. This nine lives myth stemmed from ancient Egypt where they thought the Gods protected and gave cats nine lives. Cats have impressive instincts and can go through a lot, but they do not have nine lives. Just one, like the rest of us.

Cats Land On Their Feet

No matter how high they fall they always land on their feet, or so they say?! Cats generally do land on their feet when they fall, which is great for absorbing the fall and reducing their risk of getting hurt. But cats can and will fall and miss the landing and get hurt and land on back, side, etc. Some cats are more daring than others and it is something to always watch. Cats can get concussions and you want to ensure your cat doesn’t seriously hurt themselves.

Cats Hate Water

This is such a myth. While some cats can’t stand water and will do all they can to get away from it, even clawing your eyes out, other cats love water. From dipping their toes to full force relaxing in water when it comes to bath time. This is a myth that doesn’t stand up overall.

Declawing Is Best

Owners often declaw indoor cats to help curb the tearing up of furniture and belongings from the cat. Declawing removes their claws so they can’t scratch. What we don’t realize is declawing can be very hard on a cat, for different reasons. If your cat were to run away, they have minimal self-defense options without their claws. Secondly, declawing can lead to chronic pain in your cat’s paws, as it removes the knuckle and can lead to a lot of issues. So declawing isn’t always the best option for your cat.

What are some cat myths you have heard?

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