Teaching a Cat to Fetch

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Did you ever wonder if it was possible to teach your cat how to fetch? With enough training and rewards, it absolutely is! Cats can be trained just like any other animal if you work with them enough.

Cats are awesome. We all know that and agree to that otherwise we wouldn’t be crazy cat ladies (and men), right? But did you know that you can actually train your cat to fetch so that you can play even more fun games with them?

If you’re looking for some simple training tips for cats, teaching them to fetch isn’t that hard to do at all!

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Teaching a Cat to Fetch

I love cats. And everything about them is pretty awesome. But we recently noticed that our newest cat was showing signs that he might just be able to fetch. My thought? How cool is that!

Once we started working with him, he was actually fetching in just moments. Now he might just be a super-smart cat, but I do believe that anyone can teach their cat to fetch.

Here are some simple tips to try:

Cat fetching tips

  • Start by throwing the toy and saying the same words over and over

We use “fetch” or even “bring it back”. But the key is to be consistent. The more you do it, the more the cat is going to associate what he’s supposed to be doing.

  • Once he brings it back, reward with petting or a treat

You have to teach him that he’s done something good, right? So when your cat brings back the toy, pet him and say “good kitty” or reward him with a simple treat.

We don’t do a lot of treats though because that can be really upsetting to their stomachs. We tend to give him lots of pets and he does great with that.

  • Be consistent

This is something that you’re going to have to work on every single day. Cats might not have that long of memory, so we find ourselves doing this with our cat all the time.

If he starts playing with his toy, we toss it and he chases it. Some days the game goes longer when he’s really into it and other days it lasts for just a few short minutes.

The duration of time really depends on what he wants to do.

If you follow these simple tips, you might just have a cat that fetches in no time at all. Now if we can only teach him how to fetch our phone or car keys when we’ve misplaced them…

Do you have any tips for teaching your cat to fetch?


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