The Best Black Cat Names for Your New Kitten

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Have you recently been toying with the idea of introducing a new black cat to your family? If so, picking out the perfect black cat names is a must! There are so many awesome new kitten names to choose from when it comes to a black cat that all the choices can be downright overwhelming.

This is where this list of names might be perfect for what you’re looking for. You can easily check out this list of the best black cat names and choose one for your new kitten!

names for your black cat

The Best Black Cat Names for Your New Kitten

Black cats are awesome. Not only do they make think people about Halloween all year long, but they also tend to come with the notion that they are “bad luck”. Many people tend to shy away from back cats but that is such a silly thing to do!

If you want to adopt or have a black kitten in your family, do so! Just make certain that you’re picking out some of the best black cat names as well.

Black cat names that are totally “purr-fect”

Here are a few names for black cats that might be just what you’re looking for!

  • Shadow
  • Night
  • Witch
  • Midnight
  • Spot
  • Gray
  • Inky
  • Terror
  • Ebony
  • Magic
  • Lucky
  • Chocolate
  • Phantom
  • Blackberry
  • Shade

See how much fun these names are?! Anything dealing with a darker cooler, “unlucky” or magic is a great choice.

Are black cats more friendly?

Many people actually say that they are! And maybe because we’re all thinking that they’re bad luck and “spooky”, we just aren’t giving them a chance to shine. Those who own black cats state that they’re extremely loveable and kind.

What is so special about black cats?

First off, their black coats are beautiful. They’re often silky smooth and have a pretty shine to them. Black cats are also lucky because their coats allow them to hide easily in the night.

If they’re “wild”, this can help protect them from their enemies as well. And also make certain that you pay attention to their eyes. Blac cats tend to have extremely bright and beautiful eyes as well.

What does a black cat at your door mean?

If you believe in luck, having a black cat show up at your door can be just that. There is an old tale that says that a black cat showing up at your door means that good luck is on its way.

(and I find this to be very good news because there was literally a black cat sitting outside on my porch today looking inside my house!)

If you’re looking for some of the best black cat names, there are some great ones on this list. You just need to peek at your black cat and then find the one that suits them and their personality better.

And if you don’t see one that you like, brainstorm with some of your family and friends. Naming your cat the perfect name can be a group effort!

Do you have a favorite black cat name on this list?


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