This Cat Just Can’t Get Enough….of Itself

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Have you ever wondered if your cat is vain? I mean, I always thought that when my cat was checking itself out in the mirror it was just because it was seeing its own reflection in it and spooking itself a bit.

But now, after seeing this video…I”m having different thoughts.

Maybe cats are just vain?! It’s no doubt that they are beautiful and glorious animals…but do they know it as well? If you watch this video, you’ll see exactly what I mean.


Nothing can distract it from looking…nothing!

This Cat Just Can’t Get Enough….of Itself

This cat loves the camera!

So, what do you think?

Is it possible for a cat to have a crush on itself? Or maybe they just love to see their furry face?

Either way, this video is crazy adorable and this cat was born to be a star!

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