Simple Tips For Traveling with Cats

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Planning an upcoming trip and want to bring your pet along with you? If so, I will share some simple tips when traveling with cats, to make it easier for you and your four legged friends! These simple tips below will help you and your pet be more comfortable along the trip, and keep your pet safe!

traveling with cats

Traveling with Cats is Easier with These Tips 

When I was younger, we took a trip from Kansas all the way to Illinois in a vehicle with one of our pets. I have to say that it was quite an experience. We made it, had a good time, and traveled back home. It was one trip I truly never forgot! We had to get creative since we didn’t bring a dish for water.  I think we ended up cutting the bottom of a plastic soda bottle off and used that to give our dog water. It was kind of a mess, but back in the day, we really didn’t have the internet to share useful tips and tricks! Plus, I was pretty young, so I had no clue what I was doing!

I wish I had known all of these tips back then. They would have made traveling with cats a bit more smooth!

Bring a Crate 

traveling with cats

Don’t feel bad if you end up bringing a crate to put your cat, dog, or other pet inside. This can help make traveling with cats safer, and can make the trip a bit smoother. If your pet loves to sit in the back seat and is content, then no need for a crate. If you do use a crate, make sure that you have it comfy, put in a nice soft blanket, chew toy, etc. Don’t make them feel like they are being locked up!

Medical Record, Collar, Tags

Make sure to pack any medications your pet might need, along with the latest updates on your pet’s shots and other medical records. You can request this at your vet office, and they will print it out for you. This is nice to have on hand in case your pet gets sick while you are away. You can show these medical records to a vet you’re near to ensure they get the best care possible! Make sure your pet has a collar or other kind of tag on them as well.

Grab this free printable pet information sheet to keep on hand or use the next time you might need to leave the furbaby home with a sitter.

Pictures of Your Pet 

If your cat or dog, or multiple pets, are taking a trip with you, bring a picture or two of them. This will come in handy in case your pet gets lost or runs away. You have to stop for restroom breaks, and accidents happen, and it is good to have a photo or two of your pet handy so people can be on the lookout if your pet runs away.

Food and Drink

traveling with cats

Make sure to pack food and water for your pet. I love buying the portable containers for pets. Just pour in some for a little break and let them eat and drink. Then when you are done, you can fold it up and store it easily. Make sure to pack extra food and water in case your trip takes a bit longer than you expected. That way, you don’t have to worry about running out of food or water along the way.

Pet-Friendly Hotels 

If you are going to be staying over night, look for a pet-friendly hotel like the Red Roof Inn. Pets are welcome and stay for free, no hidden charges or fees! Their hotel is amazing and they offer great accommodations for their guests! Traveling with cats and staying overnight is a breeze when you have a pet-friendly hotel. Plus, the Red Roof Inn has RediCards that earn you rewards for each time you stay at one! Red Roof Inn also has some of the best prices on rooms I have seen!

Plenty of Stops 

Make sure to take many stops along the way since dogs and cats both need time to stretch their legs. It is hard for a pet to be cooped up inside of a vehicle for long stretches at a time. Make sure to have a leash if you let them get out and walk around, even for cats. They could get scared and run off.

traveling with cats

Traveling with your pet can present its own set of challenges, but following these tips will ensure your trip is much smoother.  Do you travel with your pet?


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