Encouraging Ways To Get A Lazy Cat to Play More

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It is no surprise that most cats will spend their days sleeping to preserve energy for nighttime hunting and play. Some cats seem to be lazier than others, so you might want to work with your cat a little to help them get more active. I have some encouraging ways to get a lazy cat to play more if you are worried about your cat gaining excess weight.

ways to get lazy cat active

Why You Want to Get a Lazy Cat to Play and Stay Active

If your cat normally plays a lot and then suddenly seems to have a personality change where they become uninterested in toys, you might need to head to the veterinarian to get checked out. Sometimes older cats especially, become too achy to play as they get a bit older. When you have an indoor cat you might need to help encourage them to play and get active.

Cats are just like little kids, you can give them a hundred toys and they will act like they are all too boring or they have nothing to play with. Classic mouse toys, string, and rattling balls can become tiresome to cats. Don’t fret, because there are alternatives you can try. Every cat is different so what works for one cat might not work for your cat, so it is a trial and error type of situation.

Making sure your cat is active and plays offers many benefits; helps fight obesity, can solve cat behavior issues, and limits their boredom. Plus it can be a stress reliever for the parent to the cat too at times after a long hard day. Check out these simple ways to get a lazy cat to play if you are feeling like your cat might be having struggles getting that activity in during the day.

Simple Ways to Get A Lazy Cat To Play 

Get A Lazy Cat To Play 

Play With Your Cat

First off do you play with your cat, or let them play solo with their cat toys? Sometimes owners never take the time to sit down and play with their furry friend. Cats who play with their owners will become more eager to later play solo and engage with interactive toys. Take the time out of your schedule to try different toys and see if it intrigues your cat. Think a bird on a string, feather toys, a mouse, etc.

Battery Operated Toys 

If your cat is a hunter, they might love to chase around a battery operated toy to pounce and use those natural instincts they have. These can be good to have on hand and work with your cat to get them interested in playing.  From interactive laser toys, mice that scurry around on the floor, to pouncer style toys. You can find a wide variety of toys to try.

Toys That Make Noise 

Find toys that make a noise like a squeak or make a bird style sound. When your cat is playing with the toy and all of the sudden it makes a noise, it will keep your cat interested. These type of toys are good to have on hand for when you are not around or to sit down and use them to play with your cat. Make the toy squeak and then toss it, to see if your cat will begin to bat or pounce it.

Cat Trees 

Create a stimulating environment for your cat with cat trees, perches, and scratching posts. Cats are natural hunters and love to jump and climb. Making sure your cat has options like this is a great way to get them more active. Put the perch or tree by a window so they will crawl up and be able to watch birds and nature from the window. Scratching posts allow your cat to mark their territory, sharpen their nails, and stretch and flex their body.

Look Like Prey 

Make the toys when you play with your cat move like real prey animals would move in the wild. Think of how a mouse or bird would move on the floor and try to mimic that. This is what grabs a cat’s attention when they are in their natural habitat. They see that mouse scurrying or the grasshopper jumping through the yard, and they can’t help but hunt their prey.

 Short Sessions

Short play sessions are good for your cat. Cats naturally have a short attention span, so even short sessions of play time are beneficial. Don’t force your cat to play for long periods. Just try to play with your cat a few times through the day and see if they are interested. Even if you play for 5-10 minutes at a time, that is better than no time at all.

Food Dispenser Toys

Food dispenser toys are a great way to really entice your cat. Food dispenser toys are where you stuff a toy with some of your cat’s favorite treats. When your cat bats and plays with the toy the treats will come out randomly. They have to work a little to get their treat out of the toy.

Do you have a lazy cat that needs help to be more active?

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  • Ed says:

    I thought I had a “lazy” cat. Turns out she just can’t see very well. I bought some vivid orange twine from Home Depot and make a toy out of that. She’ll also do the laser pointer like a mad tiger.

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