Clever and Unique Ways to Hide The Litter Box

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I absolutely love my cats, but one thing I do not love is the litter box! To me, the litter box is one of the worst things about having a cat indoors. If you are like me you have to figure out ways to hide the litter box from guests! Below you will find some clever solutions on hiding the litter box, that might work for you!

These Ways to Hide the Litter Box Won’t Cramp Your Style

Underneath End Table

If you have an end table that has some space underneath it, consider creating a space for your cat. Add some fabric, to create a curtain around the table. Then you can make it like curtains on one side, for your cat to easily get in and out of! This is great to keep in a spare room that doesn’t get used. Learn how to make this at Dimples and Tangles!

Built In Self -Venting Cat Box

This one is pretty elaborate, but I am sure it is well worth the time to make! It is built into the wall and is self-venting to help reduce odors. You can find the full tutorial over at Instructables! You could create this in any room of the house where you have some empty space that could be used!

Wall Cabinet Kitty Loo

Here is a neat one, they took a wall cabinet and custom made it fit their need for a litter box. Ikea Hackers shared a full tutorial on how they created this awesome loo! They even had room to place the scoop, and other essentials when cleaning out the litter box.

Woven Chest Hideaway 

Take a woven chest, and remove one side of it, for easy access to the litter box. Create a private area for your cat to use the restroom that is hidden away. It looks like a woven chest to your guest until they take a closer look. Nocturnal Knits shares a great tutorial on how they created this.

 Secret Bench

A Besta storage was used for this neat creation! It looks like a little bench, but it is a hiding place for that stinky litter box! It truly can be a decoration piece that has a purpose! Find out how to create at Ikea Hackers!

Dresser Secret Hiding Spot 

This one uses a neat end table as a way to hide the litter box. But it gave me inspiration that you could even use a smaller size dresser, slap some paint on and make it a focal point to any room! Sand Paper Glue shares a fabulous tutorial for you to create one just like it!


Wardrobes Hidden Door

Bloglovin shares how they took a free standing wardrobe and created a hidden door for easy access for their feline friends! They didn’t want to give up space or their furniture so they got creative.

Reclaimed Chest

If you have one of those big oversized chests, you might consider transitioning it into a way to hide the litter box.  You can create an area for storing the litter, and a place to hide that litter box. Check out MonoLoco Workshop on how they made theirs.


Tucked Under Stairs

If you have stairs in your home, consider making a little area for your litter box under the stairs! Owl Haven did this, and it looks amazing.

Handmade Box

If you find yourself pretty handy, consider making your own little square box that will store the litter box. A Design Story shares a great tutorial.


Hiding your litter box is a great way to keep it out of the view from guests, help limit the smell and give your cat some privacy! Especially if you live in a small apartment or home, you might have struggled to find a place that even works. You can use these ways to hide the litter box, and your guests won’t even realize that it is a litter box!

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