Incredible Ways to Show Your Cat Love That They Will Understand

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Have you ever wondered if your cat knows you love them? Here are some incredible ways to show your cat love, that they will understand! 

Most of you will agree, your cat is your baby! You love your cat more than words can even describe, they are your world! We feel that way about our cats. They are all outside cats, but we make sure to go out and spend time with them, so they know they are loved and cared for. They have a schedule to come and eat, and we talk to them for a little bit. Then in the evenings or even during the day we will go out and visit them!

ways to show cat love

I am a huge animal lover, except for snakes, spiders, and such. Other than that, I think I could have a house filled with animals if my husband would allow me to! We have wild turkeys and deer that walk in our yard all the time, and we even put food out for them. It’s hard to resist giving love to any animal I cross paths with and that includes all of our cats! 

Below you will see a curated list of some incredible ways to show your cat love, so they will know and understand! I don’t know about you, but I sometimes wonder, with those straight faces our cats give us if they truly know we love them!

incredible ways to show cat love

Show Your Cat Love in These Wonderful Ways

Nose to Tail Rubs 

When your cat comes to rub up on your leg, rubbing from nose to tail, it is to mark you as their territory to others. When they do this, make sure to bend down and pet and love on them! Show them that you love that they are marking you as theirs! There’s nothing better than knowing the love you have for your furry friend is returned.

Rub Heads Together

How to Show Your Cat Love

Did you know that cats use head bonking as a sign of affection? When your cat is up by your face, slowly close your eyes, and rub your head up against their head. When your cat lowers their head it shows they are vulnerable and they trust you. This also is the same if they slowly close their eyes, it means they trust you greatly. They know you are not going to hurt them.

Tell Your Cat They Are Beautiful

Praise your cat and tell them they are beautiful. It seems like they understand the praise that is happening and it can help build them up, and make them feel loved and cared for.

Give Treats 

Go out of your way to give them a special treat here and there. If you are gone for a day at work, come home with open arms, give them some attention and a tasty treat to show you missed them!

Sing To Your Cat

Some cats love to hear their owners sign to them. If your cat doesn’t seem to mind, sing to them and make sure to give them some petting as well. They won’t care if you are off tune! They love the attention.

Play with Your Cat

Make sure to have a few toys on hand, and take the time to play. Cats love to be interactive, and sometimes they just want their owner to help get them in the mood. Buy some feathers on a string, or a ball that makes noise that you can roll on the floor to peak their interest.

show cat love

Do you have any ways you go out of your way to show your cat love? Let me know! 

How about knowing if your cat loves you?

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