When to Take a Kitten To The Vet For The First Time? What You Need to Know

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Whether getting your new kitten was pre-planned or it came as a spontaneous adoption, I am here to help! Are you wondering when to take a kitten to the vet? I will share some guidelines to let you know when you should do your first vet check.

When to Take a Kitten To The Vet

  Know When to Take a Kitten to the Vet for the First Time

Getting a kitten takes a lot of responsibility, but to add a family member to your home is such a joy. There isn’t a set age that your cat needs to be seen by a vet and have their first visit. Generally, a good rule of thumb is to have your first vet check around 24-72 hours after you adopt and bring your kitten home. If you have other cats at home get your kitten checked before you even take it home if possible. That way in case your kitten is sick, you know ahead of time. This is something you would really have to plan and schedule with where you are getting the kitten and the vet.

If you rescue a kitten, there are ways to go about this if you cannot go directly to the vet. Make sure if you have other cats that you keep the kitten in a separate room or in a bathroom. Have different litter boxes, food, and water. If your kitten has any parasites or diseases it can help reduce the spread to your other cats.  While we like to think your precious new kitten is healthy, it is always good to walk on the more safe side of things. You don’t want all your cats getting sick and possibly losing them.

Most veterinarians will vaccinate your kitten around the ages of 6 to 9 weeks old. Make sure to see if the mother of the kitten has been up to date on vaccinations if possible. A healthy momma gives her kittens the best chance at a healthy life.

What to Expect at the First Vet Visit

When to Take a Kitten To The Vet

Registration| You will, of course, have to fill out some paperwork on your cat and answer a few questions.

Questions| Some questions might be travel of your kitten (if you bought the cat from a breeder out of state), diet (brand of food and how much it eats), where they live (indoor or outside), medications, etc.

Exam| They will check your kitten over, including checking heart, temperature, etc. The vet will look in your cat’s mouth and at their teeth to ensure they look good. Doing a thorough check is great for your kitten. If your cat needs any vaccinations they will do this at that time.

If you have any questions feel free to ask. They might recommend a special food or treats to give your kitten for optimal nutrition.  You will also get some guidelines on when to take a kitten to the vet for any other reasons than this first visit.

Taking your kitten in for their first vet checkup is pretty easy and doesn’t take that long. It might take longer to get your paperwork filled out and wait to be seen.

What is your favorite part of getting a new kitten? I love their breath!

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