Why Cats Need Scratching Posts – Health Benefits and More

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Have you ever stopped to think why cats need scratching posts? To many a cat owner’s surprise, your feline friend can really benefit from a post or a board for them to sink their claws into! A scratch post or board that is wrapped in rope or carpet can be your felines best friend. Today, I will share the benefits of cat scratching posts and boards! Having a post or scratch pad for your cat can save you so many headaches, plus it has many benefits for your cat! Cats have a natural tendency to scratch, and providing them multiple options is essential!

Why Cats Need Scratching Posts

There are Many Answers to Why Cats Need Scratching Posts

Ever seen your cat clawing away on your furniture? I know I have been there a few times and it’s frustrating! By strategically placing a cat scratcher near your furniture it will distract them and help them move over to the scratch pad. You can also add a few scratch pads or posts throughout your home for your cat to enjoy play time and more.

Did you know cats have scent glands in their paw pads?

This allows them to mark their territory! So when your cat has somewhere to scratch they are marking their territory along with exercise, shaping nails and more! By leaving marks of scratches and releasing their scent, they are letting others know this is their territory!

Cats Need Scratching Posts for Multiple Reasons

Why Cats Need Scratching Posts

Benefits for Kittens from Scratch Posts

Scratching posts are so helpful for young kittens! They have so much energy, they need an outlet! Find a post that has hanging objects so they can bat at them and spend time playing! By having a cat scratcher for them at a young age, they will become attached and know that is their special place. It can also help them to stay away from furniture and other unwanted cat scratching spots in the home and that is one main reason why cats need scratching posts.

Great for Your Cat’s Health

Giving your feline friend a place to scratch is amazing for their health! Giving your cat a place to scratch is great exercise, stretches muscles, helps relieve any stress or anxiety, and is great for shaping their nails!

Offer Different Styles of Scratchers

It is important to have different styles of scratchers available for your cat. Most owners think that there Cat won’t use one. You might be surprised if you offer different styles, they each offer different benefits to your furry feline! Your cat may prefer one style over another, it’s worth trying.  

Horizontal Scratchers

  • Allows cats to really stretch their muscles and back! This offers a different type of stretch to the vertical scratchers.
  • Great for maintaining and shaping their nails.
  • They can mark their territory in a physical form.

Vertical Scratchers

  • Again allows stretching but they can really work those hindquarters muscles with a vertical scratcher.
  • A vertical scratcher mimics a tree and it allows them to scratch and feels closer to nature and their natural instincts.
  • Again great for maintaining their nails.

As you can see you might want to hit up a pet store or shop online and try out a cat scratcher or two today!! We had one cat, Zac, he scratched so many times throughout the day! I thought he was going to wear his nails down he scratched so much! The one we had was pretty cheap and had a cardboard center, so after awhile we did have to replace it!

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