Why Do Cats Hate Water So Much?

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Why do cats hate water? Do they truly hate water or is that just a myth? Cats love to groom themselves, you can see them cleaning themselves multiple times a day. So then why do they hate water so much? Keep reading and I will share some reasons as to why cats hate water so much.

#CrazyCatLady #CatFacts #CatVsWater why do cats hate water

If you have a cat you might have seen them once or twice accidentally fall into a sink with water or the tub. Or you have tried giving your cat a bath only to find they won and you didn’t and you have the claw marks to prove you lost. Now not all cats hate water, there are some cats that are not haters of H2O, and if that is the case, you are lucky!

Some Cats Can’t Get Enough Water

Larger cat breeds like lions and tiger both like to take a dip in the water. It helps them cool off and they are pretty good at swimming. Plus they are able to easily catch fish.  Some house cats also enjoy getting their paws wet, but if they don’t, just know that it is totally normal for most cats. Or you might have a house cat that LOVES water as much as this guy. Some cats have no fear when it comes to getting their paws wet.

Why Do Cats Hate Water – Revealed

#CrazyCatLady #CatFacts #CatVsWater why do cats hate water

Out of Control

I would say this is the most spot-on answer you could find. Cats love to be in control. When you toss them in the sink or the bath and force them to take a bath, it causes them to feel out of control. In this, they can become overstressed and filled with anxiety and they have that flight mechanism that makes them want out. It is always best never to force your cat to do something they don’t want to do.

Bad Experience

Just like humans, cats can recall things that have happened from their past. Maybe a forced bath to help get rid of fleas or to get clean from being sprayed from a skunk. If a cat has had a bad experience of water in the past, it can really hinder them from wanting to get anywhere near a large amount of water.

 Their DNA

Some say cats don’t like water because it is in their DNA. From thousands of years ago, in the Middle East cats were never around water, they were in a dry environment. So it was something they were not introduced to, nor had the opportunity to test out. It was formed in their DNA not to be interested and even to be scared of water. Now I don’t know how true that is, but many people believe this.

Can You Train A Cat to Like Water?

If you bring home a kitten it is a great time to introduce them to a regular bath. Start by wetting their fur and paws. Then slowly work on getting their whole body wet. This will help them learn that water is okay. Just know you still might get some scratches along the way. It is doable to teach a kitten to like water. If your cat is older it might be really hard to train them without stressing them out too much and getting clawed to death.

Does your cat like water?

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