Ever Wondered Why Do Cats Have Whiskers? Find Out Here!

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A cat’s whiskers not only look cool, they are like the GPS for your cat. From protecting them from predators to telling you the mood of your cat, whiskers are awesome. If you have ever wondered why do cats have whiskers, I am here to bring you the answers! Sit back and prepare to be amazed!

Why Do Cats Have Whiskers

A Cat’s Whiskers Have Many Amazing Functions

Those adorable whiskers help your cat steer clear of any predators, help him know if he will fit through an opening, see in the dark, and more. If I have you intrigued by learning why do cats have whiskers, keep reading to find out even more interesting facts about your cat’s whiskers, and why cats have them!

Whiskers are super sensitive hairs that grow around your cat’s mouth, above the eyes, ears, jaws, and even forelegs. The tip of each whisker is packed with nerves, to help your cat navigate their surroundings.  Because of all the nerves, they can detect slightest changes in their surroundings from even the wind blowing.

One thing to always note never cut your cat’s whiskers. By doing so you can throw off the whole balance of your cat. They are meant to be a certain length, and cutting their whiskers can really imbalance your cat.

So, Why Do Cats Have Whiskers?

Why Do Cats Have Whiskers

Sensing Position for an Attack

You may not know that cats are farsighted, which means they can’t see that well close up. So having those long whiskers really helps your cat sense the position of the prey they are about to attack. This is true whether it is a true rodent scurrying about or they are playing with their favorite toy.

Can They Fit

Whiskers really help let your cat know how long or wide they are. So if they find a little cubby in a building or nook somewhere their whiskers will help them know if they will fit through. They say as a cat grows larger their whiskers can get longer.

How Far They Need to Jump

Each whisker is filled with tiny, supersensitive nerves, so it can help your cat judge distance and space. Just like if they can fit through a hole, it also lets them know how far they need to jump to reach the tree, counter, etc.

Helps With Climbing

Whiskers just aren’t found in the face. The back of the front legs has small whiskers that help your cat climb. They act as another set of eyes and tells them when they should deliver a bite to attack their prey. It also helps them with the right footing as they climb.


The position of a cat’s whiskers can point to their mood. If your cat’s whiskers seem pushed forward that means they are on alert or excited. Relaxed and sticking out sideways means the cat is nice and calm. Try watching your cat sometimes to see the difference in whiskers to learn his/her body language. Watch her tails, ears, and other body parts for more clues.

I hope this helps you to understand all the wonderful things that whiskers contribute to your beautiful feline. Whiskers do shed just like human hair, but they will grow back!

Did you know all the ways that whiskers help your cat?

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