Why Does My Cat Lick Me? What You Need To Know

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Have you ever asked ‘why does my cat lick me’? Let me give you some insight into why your cat gives you a lick or two. Cats are not always the most affectionate, so when you get a lick you might think it is a sign of their love for you. But is that the truth? Sometimes when your cat licks you, it can be a sign of love, stress, or even something else. Here are some things you need to know about that lick your cat is laying on you.

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 Why Does My Cat Lick Me?  The Reasons Behind that Lick

Whether it is a lick here and there or a full bath, you can learn the reasons behind it. You might be amazed at all the reasons behind that lick. Your kitty’s tongue might feel a little rough because it is covered in papillae. These are hooks that are backward facing and work to help grip when they lick. It can act like a comb when they are grooming or works to pulling meat away from a bone as they eat it. These papillae are made of keratin, and it is the same material as your cat’s claws. I find that so interesting, don’t you?

#CatCare #CatLicks #CrazyCatLady  why does my cat lick me?

Marking Territory

Most often when your cat gives you a lick they are marking their territory. When your cat comes up and gives you a lick or rubs against your body or leg, they are trying to mark their territory. This is a very major reason they lick you.  You see other cats lick each other, especially in kittens as it is also a form of bonding.


When your cat licks excessively, this can be a sign your cat is anxious or under stress. Anxious cats can also lick themselves excessively. If you see your cat has bald spots on their skin from excessive licking, that is a sign they might need to get treatment. If your cat begins licking out of the blue consider what changes have recently taken place in their environment.

Weaned Early

If you have a kitten that was weaned early they might learn to become a licker as a form of a pacifier. When they get weaned early they can find that licking is similar to suckling and pick up the habit of licking.

Safe Place

When your cat comes up and acts like they are giving you a cat bath they are showing you love and you are a family member. But, licking you also shows that they feel totally safe around you. That is a high compliment from your cat. They that they can cozy up and give you a bath and trust you won’t harm them.


Sometimes if your cat sees you as a family, they will have no problem coming up and licking away to give you a bath. Cats can do this because they think you are dirty and need to get a little cleaned up, so what is a better way but to step in and lick away.

How to Stop Your Cat From Licking You

If you are not the biggest fan of your cat licking you, use this tip. When your cat tries to lick you, offer playtime with a toy, string, or even a toy that has catnip in it. This might intrigue your precious feline to want to play instead of lick.

Hopefully, this answers the question of why does my cat lick me for you!


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