Why Does My Cat Sleep So Much? Facts About Your Sleepy Kitty

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Why does my cat sleep so much? That is a question I would ask myself a handful of times a week when we had our cat Buttons! It seemed like she slept for hours on end, only to wake up, eat and use the bathroom and then drift off to another long sleep. I began wondering ‘is my cat sleeping too much’? If you are like me and curious about if why your cat sleeps so much, this article might help! Read on to learn why cats tend to sleep a ton and some facts about your sleepy kitty!

#CrazyCatLady #CatCare #CatSleeping why does my cat sleep so much?

Why Does My Cat Sleep So Much?

It amazes me how cats and even dogs can lay pretty much anywhere and in any position and within minutes be totally asleep. I look at them and think ‘how is that even comfortable’!? Whether I think it is comfy or not they always find a way to fall asleep rather quickly. I am sure there is no doubt that sleeping is one of any cat’s favorite hobby. They seem to be the master of sleep, that is for sure.

5 Fun Facts About Your Sleepy Kitty

Cats can sleep anywhere from 16-20 hours a day. Their habits are mainly eat, sleep, play, and maybe sleep some more. The sleeping habits of a cat are based on their genes, nutritional habits, and even the evolution of cats. It is just natural for wild cats to spend their days sleeping and hunting and stalking prey. For household cats, during the time they are awake, you can find them eating, playing, staring out a window, or roaming around.

5 Fun Facts About Your Sleepy Kitty

#CrazyCatLady #CatCare #CatSleeping why does my cat sleep so much?

Alert and Aware

Even when your cat shows they are napping they are still highly alert and aware of their surroundings. If you ever startle a sleeping cat you know how fast they pop up and are alert to what is happening around them. They never fully stop being aware, because it is natural to always be on alert for predators.


Cats love to sleep and conserve their energy for later in case they need it. This is very true for cats who love their playtime whether it is with another cat, toy, or tapping at the window trying to cat a bird flying around.

2/3 of Lives Sleeping

It is true that cats can spend up to 2/3rds of their lives sleeping away. To me, that is crazy to think about, but when they sleep almost the entire day it adds up. Randomly you will come across a cat who doesn’t sleep as much but that is rare. If you think about it a 9-year-old cat has slept almost 6 years of their life away!

Cat Dreams

Cats do have a deep sleep that they can drift off to. In that deep sleep, you might notice your cat is dreaming away. With their paws twitching or they are making a little bit of noise. Some cats will make motions as they dream away. If you see your cat making little movements, it is a good chance they are dreaming away.


Cats can snore, this happens when their airway is obstructed. When you cat really begins to relax and sleep you might hear little snore noises coming from them. A lot of cat breeds that have a shorter nose will snore more regularly.

Hopefully, this has answered the question why does my cat sleep so much. Does your cat tend to sleep a lot? 

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