Why Fostering Cats Should be on Your Radar

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Cats are seriously the best. You know this, I know this…it’s just obvious, right? Sometimes, sadly, for whatever reason, owning a cat just isn’t an option. Instead of finding ways to be discouraged by the thought of not being able to own a cat full-time, why not consider the option of fostering cats instead? My family has been fostering cats for over a year now, and I can assure you that it’s one of the best decisions that we’ve ever made.

With the summer months coming up, now is the time to start thinking about fostering a cat or kitten. There are always so many opportunities to foster that you don’t want to miss out! Decide on what age that you want to foster and get signed up!

If you have a need for a cat SOMEHOW in your life, fostering cats can absolutely be an amazing possibility!

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Why Fostering Cats Should be on Your Radar

Honestly, our family never knew that fostering was even a possibility. We spent every week at the animal shelter admiring all the cats wondering which one we should bring home. (well, which 2 because with 2 kids you have to have 2 cats…)

My daughters want kittens…forever kittens. My husband wanted a lap cat that snuggled and I wanted a hairless cat that I could carry around with me all day long. Needless to say, none of us were ready to pull the trigger on a cat that we couldn’t agree on.

One day, the idea of fostering was mentioned to us and our lives forever changed. As a family, we decided that we knew that we loved cats, and we knew that we could find a way to help them find their forever home. Our decision to foster cats was one of the best decisions we ever made!

  • Fostering cats allows you to help overcrowded shelters clear space until there is room.

Animal shelters can become quite overcrowded and truly need the help of volunteers to foster animals. If you have the ability to foster for even a short time, it helps the shelter a ton. PLUS, you get to have some snuggle time with kittens and cats as well! Sounds like a win/win for all involved.

  • Fostering cats teaches you and your family the responsibilities of owning a cat. 

Owning a cat is as fun as it sounds, but it’s also a lot of work as well! You have to be responsible for the cat and feed it, groom it, and take care of it, too. While cats tend to prefer to be a bit more independent, there are still many responsibilities such as litter box cleaning, etc. that have to be done on a daily basis. Until you foster a cat, you’ll have no idea of the everyday tasks that you have to do.

  • Fostering cats allows you to help out many different cats over the year. 

When you foster a cat, the length of time will vary. Some animal shelters have weight requirements that a cat has to be at in order to be adopted while others may not just have the room. Many foster volunteers house sick cats as well to keep them away from the healthy ones to help it from spreading throughout the shelter. Keeping a cat will vary in time, but it’s absolutely worth it to help out those kitties!

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Find Ways to Help Foster Cats in your Local Area

If you are interested in learning if the option to foster cats is available in our area, contact your local animal shelter and ask. More than likely, there’s a bit of paperwork that you’ll have to fill out, and you’ll be on the list to foster before you know it.

Be aware that every time you foster a cat, your heartstrings will tug because you’ll want to keep each and every one! And if you do decide to keep your fosters, it’s ultimately up to you!

If every foster that you take care of turns into an adoption, that can be a ton of cats for you to love and take care of! But…it’s totally worth it!

Are you currently a cat foster?

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