Must Have Travel Accessories for Cats You Need In Your Life

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When you have the must have travel accessories for cats that I am sharing today, you will find traveling with your pet simple! Whether you are out for a quick ride to the pet store, or on a fun adventure traveling for a few days, sightseeing and enjoying the view! Nothing can be more special than traveling with your feline! But, it can be hectic as well if you don’t have the right accessories! Below you will find some awesome travel accessories you need to invest in for your next trip!

Travel Accessories for Cats

Traveling with your cat takes a little planning and prepping! You have to make sure to pack enough food, water, stop often for potty breaks, and the list goes on! Making sure you have the must have travel accessories for cats ensures your road trip will go a bit smoother.

When you do travel, make sure to pack a blanket to line the carrier so your cat can feel comfort from home. Pack their favorite toys, so they feel comfortable and not stressed while on the road. Make sure your cat has a tag on so that if they get lost they can contact you, and pack information on latest vaccinations from your pet.

Travel Accessories for Cats that Simplify Your Trips

Travel Accessories for Cats

Portable Cat Carrier| Don’t have a ton of space, use this portable cat carrier! It is perfect for traveling with your cat. Just fold it up when you are not using it so it takes minimal space! It isn’t bulky or heavy!

Booster Seat| If your cat likes riding outside of a crate, try this booster seat! It is a great way to keep them secure in the seat, and bring a little comfort!

Spill Proof Bowls| This is a multi-layer water and food bowl set, so you can have it right there when you need it. Just untwist it and pour water or food for your cat. Each layer is leak proof, which is reassuring!

First Aid Kit for Your Cat| Who knew they made first aid cats specifically for cats! If you are shocked, you’re not alone! Great idea to have on hand!

Portable Litter Box| For cats they might not know how to use the bathroom outdoors, so having a portable litter box might come in handy. This is made from a material that is easy to clean. This can fold up when you are not using it. Or go the disposable litter box route, if you don’t want to clean up the mess.

Calming Spray| Is your cat a little anxious when they travel? This is a nice calming spray, that is natural, and should help ease your cat for the trip ahead. You can also buy chews for your cat if you want that route over a spray.

Foldable Cat Scratcher Ramp| If your cat loves to scratch, take a foldable ramp with you, so your cat can enjoy their cat scratching when they are away from home! Keep your seats and flooring safe with this pad as well, so your cat scratches the ramp and not your upholstery.

Pet Stroller| If you are going to outside consider this pet stroller! This is great to keep your door safe while you are outside without them running off!

Cat Bed Carrier| This is a soft side carrier that is comfortable for your cat, and protects them. You can carry your cat with you when you are out and about. It has a strap-like a purse to make it easy.

Cat Leash| This is something that some cats won’t be willing for you to put on them. But if your cat will, this is great for when you are out stretching your legs, your cat can get up and walk around a bit and get a little exercise.

What travel accessory would you recommend for cat owners? 


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