Best Cat Treats To Feed A Growing Kitten

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Did you know there are cat treats for kittens that help them grow and are full of beneficial nutrients? I learned this a while back and was a little shocked. I thought all cat treats were created equal. If you have thought the same way, you would be wrong. Let me help break things down so you can buy some cat treats that will be beneficial to your kitten. Veterinarians recommend that around 90% of their diet comes from food and only 10% of the most treats.

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Here are some cat treats that are fit for a growing kitten, what to look for in treats, and more. If you don’t find the perfect treat listed below, you at least will know what to look for in the treats. Happy shopping, and congrats on your precious kitten!

Cat Treats for Kitten Training

When you bring home a kitten they have a lot of learning ahead. You want them to not scratch up your furniture, use a litter box properly, not tear up things, and the list goes on. Some cat owners treat-train their cat to do tasks or to stop doing whatever they are not supposed to be doing. In that instance, you want to offer a treat as a reward. But because you will be rewarding your kitten so much just offer a tiny morsel of a treat so you don’t overfeed with treats.

What to Look For In Cat Treats For Kittens

#CrazyCatLady #CatTreatsForKittens #KittyTips cat treats

I will list a handful of cat treats you might like to try, but if none stick out you can use this as a way to find different car treats for your growing kitten.

Aim to buy treats that offer nutrients and minerals and are free from fillers and additives. If you follow the 90-10 rule on cat food and cat treats you want to ensure the 10% still has benefits and can help their growing bodies. If you give treats that are full of fillers they barely benefit.

I recommend giving kitten treats up to a year old, so they can maximize their growth. Then if you want to change it up to a different brand feel free. You have a ton of variety out there to try!

4 Recommended Cat Treats For Kittens

Get Naked has soft kitten treats that are great for a growing kitten! Full of Omega 3, Omega 6, and even fatty acids. They don’t have any sugar, or salt, and are natural. They are soft so easy for your kitten to eat.

Blue Kitty Yums are also a nice soft treat to serve up your kitten. They contain amino acids and nutrients that will help nourish their growing bodies.

Grain-free option is what you find in these Purina Beyond Grain Free Treats. They are not full of fillers and offer a nutritional treat when you serve it up. Just break into small pieces if you are using for a training treat.

Whole Life has a 1-ingredient treat that will be a nice treat for your kitty. These treats are freeze-dried salmon that your kitten will love and be a perfect treat to add nutrients into their diet. Whole Life offers different ones if you don’t want the Alaskan salmon.

What is your favorite treat to give your kitten?

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