Best Monthly Cat Subscription Box Options To Check Out Today

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I have gathered the best monthly cat subscription box options for you in this post. These boxes are great for your feline friend and for the cat owner!  The companies listed below create boxes full of toys, treats, cat-care products, and other cat-themed items that get delivered to your doorstep every month! It is a wonderful treat for your kitty!

 Monthly Cat Subscription Box

These cat subscription box options are perfect for the cat lovers out there, but also make wonderful gifts for anyone who owns a cat. These boxes are awesome because each month it is a surprise as to what items will arrive at your doorstep. You can try out the new products and you might find some new favorites for your cat that you wouldn’t have tried otherwise! I know for me, I have tried subscription boxes in the past and I always love them. I am sure I would love all of these cat boxes listed here as well.

Cat Subscription Box Options for Cat Lovers and Their Cats

 Monthly Cat Subscription Box


Receive high-quality toys, cat products, and all-natural treats inside your KitNipBox! What is really neat is if you have multiple cats, you can select a box meant for multiple cats, so you have enough items to share with your cats.

The Whiskers Box 

Select the plan you want, and then create a personalized box for your cat. Then around the 15th of each month, they will ship a box full of goodies directly to your doorstep! The Whiskers Box is really neat, they have around 4-6 items in each box, toys, cat treats, cat costumes and more.

 Cat Lady Box

If this box wasn’t made for this site, I don’t know what is! CatLadyBox is a box meant for the cat lady and their cat! Select a plan and decide what size you want and how often you want their box delivered. Then sit back and wait for your fun boxes to arrive. Past boxes had wine glasses with cats, cat ice cube trays, cat socks, a pineapple shaped cat toy and so much more.


The RescueBox gives back to animals in need! You can select a cat or dog box, and your subscription will help pay to feed and vaccinate animals in need. I love the idea of giving back. You will get over $40 worth of products in each box, which is awesome for what you pay. The boxes will have a variety of treats, toys, and other cat-related items.

Cuddle Crate

Another great subscription box is the Cuddle Crate. You can really personalize your box, they offer three different sizes, then you pick between seven categories of pets. It really allows you to get a personalized box to fit your kitty’s needs.


The Meowbox is pretty popular. Like the other boxes, it has toys and snacks for your cat along with other cat products. They use only grain-free, healthy foods for your cat.


Do you have a favorite cat subscription box?  We would love to hear about it in the comments!


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