Can You Take Your Cat Camping?

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Wondering if you can take your cat camping? There are actually a ton of people that do this every single camping trip!

I love to camp. And when it comes to scheduling out camping trips, it’s really hard to plan ones that work around our schedule and the lives of our pets. So, when it comes down to the choice of missing out on a week-long vacation or packing up and taking our cat along, guess what choice we’ll make time and time again. (So many people take their dog’s camping, why can’t you do the same with cats?)

And honestly, camping with cats isn’t hard to do at all!

Can you take your cat camping?

Have you ever seen anyone have their cat with them and their family when they’re camping? More than likely….probably not. But if you have, you might have had a few questions about how they make it happen!

Where do cats sleep when camping?

If you take a camper or RV, they sleep anywhere just like they do at home! I don’t recommend ever taking a cat when you’re tent camping because that leaves too big of a risk that they can get outside. And please keep in mind that you need to be very very careful when coming in and out of the camper so that they don’t run out of the door as well.

What do cats eat when camping?

Pack up their regular cat food for your camping trip and that’s all you’ll need. They’ll eat it out of their favorite bowl and dish just like they do at home.

What will your cat do in the camper?

Most likely, the same things that they would be doing at your house. Wondering around….looking at things…laying in the sunlight…staring at you outside the window…you name it, pretty much their same standard daily activities.

What should you pack for your cat for your camping trip?

You want to make certain that your cat is comfortable as well so bring a few of the toys that it loves, its bed, its treats…and anything else you might think will help its transition. Oh, and make certain that you don’t forget the litterbox!

Bringing your cat along for your next camping adventure is such a great idea! You’ll love packing up all their toys, and bringing your furry feline on your next family adventure! After all, your cat is part of your family, too!

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