Must Know Tips To Keep a Cat in Winter Warm Outside

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If you have outdoor cats, you might wonder how to keep a cat in winter warm and safe. I have some very useful tips to keep outside cats warm during winter. Make sure they are safe and warm and well protected on those chilly winter nights.

Keep Outside Cats Warm During Winter cat in winter

Ways to Keep a Cat in Winter Warm Outside

Growing up we always had cats that went in and out throughout the days. Mostly, they would sleep indoors. But sometimes, if they didn’t make it home before night, we had a place outdoors for them. Then we moved to the country and we had mainly outdoor cats. Our winters can either be somewhat mild or extremely frigid, so having a warm place for your cat in winter is imperative.

Food and Water

Make sure you are feeding your cat extra during the winter months. You also need to make sure that the food has nutritional value, some of the pretty cheap cat food has nothing that will really benefit your cat. As for water, make sure your cat has a water bowl that doesn’t freeze. You can buy water bowls that you can plug in like this heated water bowl, and it works great. This is the exact one we have used and it has worked for 2 1/2 years now with no issue. We just unplug it during the summer.


Depending on where you live, your cat in winter might find their own shelter, but if not, make sure to have a place they can hide from the weather. You can actually build your own or buy a cat shelter to put outdoors.  Make sure the shelter is not too big as it can be difficult for your cat’s body heat to keep the space warm. Add in straw or newspaper to help draw out moisture. Don’t put out blankets as they can absorb your cat’s heat and chill them down.

Tips for Keeping Your Cat Safe in Winter

Now before you start your car and head out for the day, make sure to bang around your hood. Sometimes a cat in winter will find its way under the tire wells to try to draw in heat from the engine once you come home for the night. Always be cautious so that you don’t miss your cat hiding under your car somewhere.

Another thing to really pay attention to is using rock salt to clean your sidewalks and driveways. While it is great for melting the ice, it can really hurt your cat’s paws. You can buy Ice Melt that is safe for your pet’s paws. This is a safer option for your pets and less harsh on your vehicle. It is what we buy and it has worked well in the last few winters we have used it.

One last thing is to be aware of any antifreeze drips from your vehicle. Antifreeze is a sweet liquid that cats want to lick up, but it is highly toxic and can be fatal if they consume it. Even a small amount of antifreeze, like a teaspoonful, can kill a cat. Make sure if you see any spills on your driveway that you clean it up right away.

Do you know any other ways to keep outside cats warm during winter?

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