5 Kitten Training Tips For Obedience And Discipline

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Starting to train your little kitten early will benefit you greatly down the line. Kitten training is something I recommend that any new cat do. It helps you instill obedience and they learn about discipline if they do something wrong. While your training sessions will be short as you don’t want to over-due it with a kitten, they will begin over time to benefit you. With some practice here and there, before you know it you will have a well-trained cat.

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Just like a child, you have to train your kitten to know right from wrong. Clawing on furniture, chewing on clothing, scratching up the carpet. All of these actions are something your cat does by instinct. So, if you work with them while young, you can break the habits at an early age.

Kitten Training Tips To Follow

#CrazyCatLady #KittenTraining #CatLover Kitten training Kitten training tricks

Litter Box

When it comes to kitten training to the litter box, they generally pick it up pretty fast. Unlike dogs, with a few tries, you can find complete success. Make sure the litter box is clean, has a quality litter, and is easy to find. After you feed your kitten take them directly to the litter box after and sit them in it. Grab a paw and show them how to dig in the litter. They will learn this is what they need to do. Kittens generally just need a few times of help and they will have it mastered.

 Biting or Scratching You For Play

When your kitten wants to play, ALWAYS use a toy to play with them. Never use your hands to swat at them or they will think it is a toy, and then follow up by scratching or biting. Make sure that you always have toys for him/her to play with. If you catch your kitten doing something they shouldn’t, biting you or wanting to play with your hand, give them a toy and play. It will teach them to play with objects and not your limbs. Always re-direct your kitten to the correct way to play.

 Climbing and Jumping

Kittens are all about exploring. While you may have little ledges they can jump on and look out windows and such, you may want them to stay off your counters. When they are in an area that is okay, praise and gives them a good petting. When you don’t like what they are doing, tell them down or no, and remove them from the surface area. One way some people do this is to get a squirt bottle with water and give them a little squirt of water to startle them. They will be less likely to come back.  Just like with a toddler it is practice and patience.

Clicker Training

You can find many YouTube videos or even buy a book that shares how to use a clicker to train your cat. It is a little device that makes a clicking noise that will alert your cat. You can teach them tricks, obedience and more using the clicker trainer. This is a bit more work but many owners find great success with the clicker.


Some cat owners swear by using catnip to help with kitten training. Catnip is a way to lure your cat in and get their attention. Placing catnip in an area or in toys or a scratching post will lure them to the area instead of scratching at the wall or carpet. You can buy it at pet stores, online, and even find toys and cat furniture that has catnip in it.


What are your best kitten training tips?


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