3 Unbelievable Facts About Cats With Jobs That Are Actually True

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Have you ever wondered what types of jobs cats would be employed with if they had a choice? Wonder no more because history has shown us that there are, and have been, cats with jobs throughout time!

Cats are remarkable creatures who, unlike dogs, don’t go out of their way to share every detail of their lives with us. If your cat is particularly sociable then you may see your cat for two or three hours a day. Most cat owners (myself included) see our cats for less than an hour a day.

I usually presume that my cat spends the bulk of her time sleeping, mixed in with a bit of staring out of the window at birds, eating or looking for something to eat. However, not all cats schedules look like that. There are many cases of cats finding gainful employment over the years.

Here are three of the best cat jobs we’ve come across to date!

cats who are employed; cats who work

3 Unbelievable Facts About Cats With Jobs That Are Actually True

Unbelievable or not…these are facts about cats with jobs!

Stubbs The Feline Mayor

Yes, that’s right! A cat named Stubbs held the position of Honorary Mayor of Talkeetna, Alaska for 20 years from July 1997 until July 2017 when he passed away.

Stubbs (so called because of his missing tail) was apparently given the position of Honorary Mayor in protest at the lack of suitable human candidates.

Stubbs perhaps wasn’t the most proactive of mayors in speaking and campaigning for the people and local government that he represented. Nonetheless, he capitalized on his local fame by regularly enjoying free catnip water at his local restaurant.

The Disney Cats

Not all cats are suited to office life, most prefer to be outdoors doing what cats do best…hunting!

Disney is the biggest employer of cats in the world. They keep around 200 cats in each of their theme parks to keep the vermin population under control.

Although strictly speaking…they don’t employ any cats as they don’t pay them any money…however they do pay them in mice which is worth far more than paper money to most cats. Sounds like the dream feline job to me!

Tama The Station Master Cat

What about cats that have the skills for both office work and traditional hunting work? Well…step forward Tama.

Tama was a calico cat who held the position of station master at Kishi station in Japan from 2007 until her death in 2015.

Tama’s appointment saved Kishi train station from closing down. The publicity that the appointment led to was a 10% growth in the number of customers that the station was serving. This meant the station remained financially viable.

Clearly, the lesson here is that more businesses should consider employing cats! And why not? They are loyal…the pay is inexpensive, the maintenance and minimal and customers love them as well!

Next time you wonder what your cat has been up to all day don’t be so sure that they’ve been sleeping…who knows! They could be moonlighting as a station cat, a pest exterminator or more!

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