Why Adopting A Senior Cat Is A Good Idea

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You made your way to an animal shelter on the hunt to adopt a new pet for your family. You see kittens playing and looking cute in their cages and then see a senior cat sleeping in a corner. I am going to share why adopting a senior cat is a good idea. You will be amazed at what a senior cat can bring into your home, that a kitten can’t.

Adopting A Senior Cat

I am all for the adoption of animals. So many animals are needing a forever home, and just because they are not a kitten or puppy doesn’t mean they don’t deserve a forever home. I am going to share a variety of reasons why senior cats are great for adopting! To be considered a senior cat, they must be between 7 and 11 years old.

The Many Benefits of Adopting A Senior Cat 

Adopting A Senior Cat

Predictable Personality 

When you adopt a senior cat, you will see their personality and know that is what you are getting. If they seem lazy, cuddly, playful, you know that is their personality. It is different than a kitten because they can grow into a personality, where a senior cat already has a strong foundation of personality. So if you bring home a cuddly sweet senior, that is what you get.

Teach Younger Cats 

If you have other cats at home and are adding to the family, adopting a senior cat might teach your younger cats how to act. Some fear a new cat can upset the balance of a household, but it isn’t always true. Some senior cats will help calm more anxious driven cats or tame them with their playfulness. Now all cats are different and you just have to watch, so that they can grow together when they meet.

 Potty Trained 

Most senior cats are potty trained, so they know where to go and won’t have accidents like some kittens do.


Senior cats have a better understanding that they have been rescued.  Because of this, you will see a more thankful and loving personality from them.


As cats get older health issues can arise. When adopting a senior cat you will know what you are getting when you adopt. Granted some health issues could arise later on, but for the most part, if they have diabetes or other issues, you find out when you go to adopt. If your cat does have issues, you have all the medical records and will get instructions on how to treat them.

Content and Relaxed 

I love a mellow cat, and with a senior cat that is usually what you get. They make great cuddle companions, and they don’t stir up as much trouble or scratch up your favorite blouse while you are away, like a kitten might.

Hardest To Find a Home 

Senior cats are the hardest cats for shelters and rescues to find a forever home. So when you sign those papers and bring your cat home, you are saving their life. That is something to remember. We all want to be loved and have a warm house to sleep in, and cats have the same feelings as us.

At the end of the day, adopt a cat that you are drawn to, regardless of the age. Just know that if you adopt a senior cat you will be blessed with an awesome companion to help pass the days.


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