Cat Behavior That Seems Random | Find The True Meaning Behind It

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Does your cat seem to have a few quirks about them? Cat behavior might seem random, but each could have a true meaning behind it. I have shared some of the most common ones, and the true meanings behind them! Debunk those quirks and see what each cat behavior truly means.

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Has your cat ever left you confused by their actions? Maybe it is a weird high pitched sound they make randomly or their obsession with a cardboard box. Let me help you better understand your elusive feline, so you can really see things from their perspective.

Recognize a Cat Behavior?

Strange Noises

Have you ever had a cat make a clacking high pitched sound when they see a bird through a window? It is suggested that this means they could be trying to adjust their jaw to attack their prey, or letting out a noise of frustration because they can’t attack the bird.

Love and Camaraderie

You get home from running errands or working all day and your kitty walks up and heads butts you. This is a great way for your cat to say they have missed you.

Here is one that has always had me thinking, why is this happening?! Your cat brings you a dead mouse, grasshopper or other dead prey. You can find many answers to this but the most common is they are bringing you a present to thank you for caring and loving them. It can be a gross habit but they mean only good things and it is a natural instinct.

#CrazyCatLady #CatBehaviors #CatCare Cat Behavior

Does a Cat Behavior Like These Leave You Scratching Your Head?

Humans Beware

Twitching of the tail can be a warning sign that you are bugging them or that they are hyper-focused, or even being playful. You need to look at other behaviors so if your cat is upset you don’t disturb them. If their ears are pulled back or they are crouching they might pounce soon.

Being Territorial

If your feline comes up and rubs their face on you, they are not always showing love. They have sweat glands in their cheeks and generally, they are itchy and need to rub them to feel better or they are marking their territory. If your cat is rubbing their face on you, that is a good thing as they are claiming you as their own!

You just set your cup on the table and then see your cat jump up and knock it over. Cats love to paw at things and push objects, it is a natural instinct. Whether they do this for amusement, that I am not sure of! They could just not like that particular object in “their territory”.

Protection and Comfort

When your cat lays down to take a nap and curls up into a tight ball they are retaining their body heat and doing this as a protection mechanism. It helps protect the more tender body parts when they are in a ball, so if a predator were to sneak up they would be more protected.

One cat behavior you see often is kneading. They might jump up on you and knead your stomach or chest, or they knead their bed before they lay down. This is simply letting them get comfortable to lay down. Now if your cat seems upset or scared, some cats will do this as a self-calming mechanism.

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