Cat Nose Freckles | Should I Be Worried about Spots on Nose?

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Does one of your cats have freckles on their nose? I personally have only seen one cat that has freckles on their nose, it was so cute and different! At first, when I saw my friends cat, I thought maybe something was on the cat’s nose, but she then said it was freckled! Cat nose freckles are pretty rare, so if your cat has some freckles they are pretty special!

Cat Nose Freckles are Generally Harmless

Generally, orange tabby and calico cats are the two types of cats that you see freckles on their noses! Most often they will be middle-aged to older cats. Usually, the first few spots that will appear are darker and they will show up around the nose or mouth. This is a condition that is called lentigo simplex, which is harmless (not cancer) and similar to human freckles!

Now, while saying that, if you notice spots appearing to make sure to get it checked out to ensure it is not cancerous. The lentigo simplex is flat lesions that seem to be painless and not itchy at all to your cat. If you notice it bothering your cat or there is redness, then I highly suggest taking them into a veterinarian.

Fun Facts About Cat Nose Freckles 

Cat Nose Freckles

Red or Orange In Color 

Lentigo is a genetic condition and it is seemingly linked to the genes that cats that are orange or red in color have. Most freckles can be found on calico, orange, tortoise shell colored cats.

Cat Freckles Don’t Hurt

Just like in humans, cat freckles don’t hurt them. It is just a part of their cosmetic makeup and it adds a dash of personality to your cat!

Freckles Don’t Grow With Sun Exposure

Cat nose freckles are a bit different than human freckles. If you have freckles you know that when you are outside and exposed to the sun a lot, over time your freckles will grow or appear darker. Cat freckles don’t react the same way, they stay the same size!

Spots in Mouth 

If your cat does have lentigo simplex, chances are your cat will have spots around their mouth and even inside on their gums, cheeks, etc. So next time they have a big yawn take a peek!

Some Cats Are Born With Freckles

It is rare but some cats are just born with a freckle or two on their nose! It is not from the lentigo condition, but merely freckles!

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