How Do You Know Your Cat Loves You |10 Signs That Your Cat Loves You

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Have you ever wondered if your cat truly loves you? Here are 10 signs that your cat loves you! If you ever truly want to know how much your cat cares, then read these 10 signs, and see how many of these your cat does!

Signs That Your Cat Loves You

Reading the Signs That Your Cat Loves You

Just like when your cat paws at your hand so you pet them more, or meows consistently so you know they are out of food, your cat always lets you know what they think. We showed you how to understand cat sounds and what they mean and now we want to show you how to read the signs that your cat loves you. These signs are simple ways your cat is trying to let you know how much they love you! So the next time you see your cat bringing you a dead mouse or other gifts you will know it was brought to you with love.

My son loves his cats, we go outside each day to spend time with them, and they are always rubbing at our legs, purring away loving the attention they get. Whiskers is Clay’s little buddy, he follows him everywhere. Now that Clay is getting older, Bella is becoming pretty special in Clay’s eyes! He is always wanting to love on her. I love the bond a child and cat can have, it is heartwarming.

 Signs That Your Cat Loves You

10 Signs that Your Cat Loves You and How to Interpret Them

Head Butting 

Head butting is a very sure way to know your cat loves you. I know it sounds weird, but it is one way to say and show affection. Cats have scent glands in their head and cheeks, so when they rub their head on you, they are marking you as their territory.

Rubbing Against Your Legs 

When you are trying to walk and your cat continuously keeps rubbing up against you, it is a sign of affection. They are rubbing their scent all over you, marking you as theirs.


When your kitty offers a long session of purring it is a form of affection to you. It shows that their heart rate is lowered, and shows they feel content and happy.

Staring At You

When your cat is looking at you for a long period of time, then they blink and open their eyes real wide, they are showing that they love and trust you. It is the easiest way for humans to understand that is their form of, “I Love You!”

Curving Tip Of Tail 

When your cat curves the tip of their tail, it shows they are feeling very happy and content. Some people call this a happy tail dance when they quiver it back and forth.

Love Nibbles 

There is a huge difference between getting bit and nibbles, so when your cat nibbles it is a sign of affection. If it tickles or is a soft nibble and doesn’t hurt, you know it is a love bite.

Showing Belly 

Cats don’t just show their belly to anyone, as it makes them vulnerable. When your cat rolls over and shows you their belly they are showing they love and care for you, and trust in you.

Grooming You 

When your cat licks at you it is a sign of grooming which is a very high love sign for your kitty. They consider you family and want to take care of you.

Gift Giving

Whether your cat finds a mouse and brings it to you or leaves some kind of animal or thing they killed, they consider that a gift. It is a sign of affection and love, even though it can be quite gross.

Follows You 

This is a pretty obvious one, but when your cat is always following you, consider it as love. They love to be around you, and no matter how much they see you, they always want more.


The signs that your cat loves you are pretty easy to interpret once you know them.

How does your cat show you love?

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