Ultimate List of Christmas Gifts for Cat Lovers This Holiday Season

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Christmas is truly right around the corner, and you might need to find a few gifts for cat lovers. If you have a cat lover or two that you are buying for this holiday season, check out this ultimate list of Christmas gifts for cat lovers!

Christmas gifts for cat lovers

You will find funny gifts, house decor items, clothing and more that are all great gifts for cat lovers! Give a gift that is a bit different this holiday season and put a smile on that cat lovers face!

I have a friend who literally is obsessed with anything that has a cat on it or is in the shape of a cat. She has purses, wine openers, glasses, magnets, clothing that all have cats on them. If you see something with a cat on it, you know that she will love it. If you know someone like that, then you know this list of gifts for cat lovers is perfect for them!

Amazing Christmas Gifts for Cat Lovers 

Christmas gifts for cat lovers

Who doesn’t dream of owning a Catmas Tree shirt?! This shirt sports a tree solely made out of adorable little cats!

If you have a friend or family member who loves yoga pants, they will love these Meow Yoga pants. They are super comfy and absolutely adorable.

Have anyone who loves essential oils and their cat? Try this Aromatherapy necklace, where you add a few drops of your favorite oils on it to diffuse throughout the day.

Dress up the kitchen with these cat lover dish towels, that will add a fun splash of cat love in your kitchen as you bake away.

Meowy Catmas shirt that is sure to put a laugh and a smile on their face! I absolutely am in love with this silly shirt.

You can never go wrong with a cat mug, this one is hilarious for any single lady out there! Add in a few K-Cups, hot cocoa mixes, or tea bags and you have a simple and fun gift.

Cats Because People Suck shirt, for anyone who would rather be snuggled up with their feline than be out dealing with the people in this world.

The Cat Lovers in Your Life will Love these Gifts

Fill a stocking with a bag of cat farts (AKA, cotton candy) to share some giggles and a tasty treat for later!

Know a cat lover who also loves their wine? Give them this Sphinx Wine Opener, paired with their favorite bottle of wine!

Perfect gift for anyone who enjoys baking, a rolling pin that stamps out adorable cat silhouettes! I mean come on, this is the cutest thing ever.

Adult Cat Lover Coloring book is another great gift to give. It is been shown that coloring can reduce stress, so why not give a gift that can help them unwind after a long day.

Know someone who enjoys painting? Home is where the cat is canvas is a perfect gift. Buy them some paint supplies to go with it, and you have an endearing gift.

Text from Mittens day to day calendar for your daily dose of hilarious cat texts! Trust me this one is a must, it is a great way to add some laughter to your lives.

Crazy Cat Lady yoga pants, I mean you can’t expect me not to share something that says Crazy Cat Lady on it, do you?!

Even More Christmas Gifts for Cat Lovers

Life is better with my destructive cat poster is too funny, and yet so true.

I Could Pee on This and other Poems by cats book. This is a fun gift to have some laughs and silly poems that cats write!

Looking for a more sentimental gift, do this Willow Tree figurine that is holding a cat. Showing it loves the friendship and special bond between owner and cat.

I am in awe of the beauty of this cat poster. It has some paint running down it, and it is just gorgeous. Put it in a nice frame and you have a thoughtful gift.

Keep those toes nice and cozy with these fun cat socks.

A fun decor place to stick in the home or office, I work hard so my cats can have a better life wooden sign! I love these wooden signs, they are so fun to dress up and add a personality to the room.

Snuggle up and stay warm with this Smelly Cat Smelly Cat sweatshirt! In the colder months, I live in hoodies and sweatshirts, and this looks like it needs to be added to my collection.

Still More Christmas Gifts for Cat Lovers

Another Cat Yoga pants you might want to consider. Adorable pictures of cats doing yoga poses!

Sorry I have Plans with My Cat Sweatshirt! Ha, a totally true scenario for many of our nights! It is okay if you or a friend is guilty of this!

If you are a fan of Big Bang Theory like I am, you will fall in love with this Soft Kitty coffee mug!

Hilarious Cat Butt Magnets to stick on the fridge and enjoy the view of silly cat buts.

The Cat in The Box By Dr. Shrodinger shirt is a pretty fun one!

Best Cat Mom Ever coffee mug coming right up! I know that cat parents take their job very seriously, so why not give them an awesome mug like this one.

I know I would love to receive any of these this holiday season!  How about you?


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